Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My days keep starting earlier and I find myself throwing down a few words here at three in the morning before I head into work. To say life has been hectic lately would be an understatement and there seems to be no relief in sight, at least until the holidays are over. Everything in this season seems to revolve around food and family!

The ginormous turkey is thawing and my fridge is quickly filling up with all the things that I will be putting together for our family dinner on Thursday. I do get excited about these things! Great news also that my little sister will be coming back from Peru a month early and will arrive on Thanksgiving Day just in time to be with us all! Pretty stoked about that, even though her and I don't always see eye to eye.

Looks like were going to have a full house and I will still be working that morning before returning home to cook up a storm. Michael is getting a bit nervous about going over to my parents for the huge family and friends thing but I keep telling him it will be fine! Over the years my family has always welcomed everyone who ends up with us on the holidays though this will be super special due to him being my other. I have several other friends who will be joining us and I just hope he calms down and can enjoy himself. I know once he gets there he will chill out. My family has that calming effect on people.

Going into work a bit early to take care of some logistical things and get ready for my day in a leisurely fashion. Had to fire one of my kitchen boys yesterday but it was a long time coming. Wish I had more thoughtful things to say at the moment but my brain still isn't quite on. Missed the guys dinner last night but was way too tired to get back out after having been up since 2 am yesterday. Tomorrow is the big day and it will be long! Work, cook, eat, visit and then to the Plaza to watch the lighting ceremony and usher in this holiday season.

I will be back later to hopefully write about the people and things in my life I am thankful for. Hope you are all well.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope dinner with your family is terrific!