Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up too early

Woke up about an hour early this morning and for some reason my body is telling me I have had enough sleep so I listened and rolled out of bed. Have not felt prolific as of late so my posting here has been a bit hit and miss.

I don't have anything very pressing on my mind this morning, or at least that is how it seems at the moment when my brain has yet to boot up. Had some dinner at Stephen's last night though I wasn't all that hungry. It still was good to see friends from church and talk.

Still fighting a bit of this cold and cough thing. My abs are getting rather sore from it all and the little cough seems like a chirping refrain in the soundtrack of my life as of late.

How well do we truly know these people around us that we call family and friends? We might have a myriad of facts and information about them that we piece together with their presentation of life and feel that we have a firm grip on their person but as I examine myself from many different angles, internally and externally, I realize how very little those facets add up into a true example of who I am to others.

Motivation. That driving force within and prompts my decisions and actions. The internal monologue so private and visceral, it is rarely even uttered in words thoughts to my own self.

Um...that was some kind of random deep thought? Guess my brain is working up and the thing it is thinking about is transparency and authenticity. Do I have it? Is it healthy or is a certain amount of obscurity and omission ever a good thing for the protection of ourselves and those around us?

I really do not know but I am trying to find out.

I do know exposure and disclosure can suck.

But how else are we to be known and know others?


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