Monday, December 27, 2010

We have a Go Mission

Good Morning Blog Buddies! I am feeling amazing this morning. It is so good to finally be in good health again after six long weeks of being ill with the creeping crud. You do not know how much we take our voices for granted on a daily basis, until they are not there for us to use. To finally be heard and understood takes a huge burden of stress and frustration off of my shoulders. :)

Just out of the shower and cleaned a polished for another day of work. I am really thankful to be back in the restaurant business and be in a great place where I can serve people and provide a smile and some hospitality. The holiday season is fast approaching its end, so the customers are getting back into their paces and that frantic shopping spirit is fading fast.

Frost was all over the trees this morning and it truly looked like a winter wonderland when I stepped out of the shower. After getting shaved up and ready for my day, I realized that I had neglected to close my blinds in the bedroom and bathroom, so my apologies to any neighbors who had to suffer through that early morning show! I guess if I can see outside, then they can see inside! Oops!

Don't have much time to write this morning as I am just about to head out the door, but wanted to grab a few moments to just settle my mind and put some thoughts down. First of all, my family is fantastic! I could go on for pages about all that they have done for me this year, but I will save that for a later post. Second, to the friends that made this Christmas season so special, thanks for all the hugs, the thoughtful gifts, the words of encouragement, the bone crushing hugs, the times to talk and share and for cuddling with me on cold nights, even when I was a sniffing and face leaking mess. You truly show me love each and everyday and I am forever grateful.

More news later today as this year fast approaches the end, but I will find time and space to share at a later time today, hopefully. Tip of the day: compliment a total stranger and make time to let those you make life with know they are loved and appreciated. You can never tell how much that may mean to those people! Ciao!


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