Sunday, April 24, 2011

Atypical Easterness

Sitting here at my parents house waiting for all the siblings and family friends to show up for dinner. Catching up on the latest Glee episode via Hulu. (don't judge me!) We decided to get together in the evening this year, as we all had things to do in the afternoon. We normally do a huge family brunch, so a change is kind of nice! Woke up early today, hit the coffee shop in the city, grabbed some breakfast and then headed over for church. Decided not to dress up this year and instead opted for some jeans, an oxford, casual khaki jacket and some mocs, sans socks. Why not be comfortable instead of all buttoned up and tucked in?

Church was a mad house. Tons of people there for the services, as usual for this holiday with kids running around high on candy and life. People all dressed up, some not. The predicted thunder storms shifted away and we had a beautiful Spring morning. People mingling and touching, kids crowded on the floor in the aisles coloring, music...good stuff.

And in the middle of it all, somewhere around the third song, I just left. I didn't want to be there anymore. Too many people, too nice outside, too whatever you want to call it, but I had to get out of the building. So, I grabbed my book and took off. Didn't stay for the service, or communion, or anything.

I did the right thing and I don't think I missed anything either. It is the same thing every year. Why not change it up? I got to catch up with my friend Jeremy, talk to the few friends I care about and spent the morning with myself. Took a nap, ate some lunch, read a book, laid in the sun. All in all...a great day. This next weekend is the guys camping trip and retreat, so am definitely looking forward to that. I'll get my fill of people and pondering deeper things then. Plus there will be fire and wilderness. That's more my speed.

People are starting to arrive now. I can hear the greetings and doors opening, pattering of feet and noise of family and friends gathering. Family is good. I am glad to be a part of one.

Happy Easter everyone! I can't wait to open my basket and see what the bunny brought me. The "bunny" being my Mom, of course.


PS: If you needed something religious and uplifting from my blog today, just tell yourself whatever story you prefer. You prolly will enjoy that better than some cliche' worn out thing that most are posting today. :)

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