Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning Jag

Woke up this morning with the sun streaming in and hit the cleaning and dancing circuit, music blaring and possessions flying! The last few weeks of bizarre Missouri weather had left quite a collection of hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts and assorted shoes in neat little stacks around my bedroom floor and I managed to trip over every single one of them on my way to the pisser! The coffee pot came on as set and suddenly...it was time! :)

Last nights dreams still fogged my brain a bit as I set to putting things right with my place in this world. Rugs taken outside and shaken within an inch of their lives, in my boxers, mind you! Neighbors prolly think I am nuts anyway, so what is the harm? Hardwood floors dusted, belts hung up, shoes back in boxes, winter sweaters folded and stowed in the armoir, coats put away in closets and fresh linens on my bed. Furniture dusted, new towels out in each bathroom and all the assorted clutter of a man's world put away. How did I end up with so much crap on my desk? Headphones to be fixed, pocket knives, sunglasses, assorted change, folded receipts, random lighters from a party, cologne samples, handkerchiefs, cuff links, money clip and rocks (yeah, I pick up cool rocks all the time)...all the random junk that stuffs my pockets by days end had kind of turned into a weird mosaic of this past month of whirlwind life.

Now stowed away. I still need to buzz my hair, put my nails in order, shower and slam some coffee but this Spring day is shaping up fast! Will be driving the Camaro again today, as the Miata is not due to be out of the shop until afternoon sometime when Erek calls me. I had to get all the preventive maintenance out of the way for this Spring and Summer's road trips and a simple investigation into fixing a window switch turned into fifteen hundred dollars of correcting all the little pissy things that have been bugging me about that car. New brakes and calipers all around, upper and lower shift boots, window switches and regulators, lube job, oil and filter changes, tune up, plugs wires...you name it. I am so glad he pitched in to help. I get frustrated at my big hands and the little details that I seem to have no patience for at times. Now I just need to get the new leather on the seats and the back bumper scratches from that armadillo touched up (lake, groceries, funny story) and I am ready to hit the road. Well...hit the road in a few weeks. Camping trip coming up!

Speaking of last nights dreams, strange ones that? I went to bed all worked and pissed off about gay civil rights and my frustration at the complacency and apathy that has been shown lately by the circles of people I inhabit. I watched "the Great Debaters" last night. Great flick btw, with an amazingly beautiful guy but also a powerful message. (Nate Parker... so reminds me of the one guy I was engaged to, long story for another day) Back on track. Yeah, I was pondering and thinking on blogging about my frustration at being treated as a second class citizen in society and churches and that must have prompted some weird ass dreams.

In the dream, I was on my Senior High School trip but David, from the Czech Republic was there. (another long story) We were in love and dating but were constrained of course by all the rules and norms of my school and I spent the whole time frustrated and aggravated by how we had to curtail our relationship due to what others believed. Eh...too long to explain right now. The coffee is starting to work.

Suffice it to say, my house is in order, the cars are getting back into shape for another driving season and I am motivated to get back involved with the political activism and social justice work I was involved in when I first moved to Kansas City. Something needs to be done in an informed and honest way about how many, having shrugged off a portion of the repression bestowed on them by their families and faith groups, have decided that the place we now inhabit is enough and are content with simple getting by with the scraps of life that others have deemed us worthy of. (and by us, I mean the LGBT community at large)

I know I have some thinking to do in order to inform and order my thoughts on the subject and I will need to back track in my life about the series of events that pushed me into politics and how I myself became a victim to violence and apathy that eventually quieted my voice and actions on this matter.

Confused yet? I know what I am talking about at least. I am going to get my day started and hope to revisit here soon to express my views and thoughts on this matter. I already got the ball rolling last night with emails, texts and calls to those friends and organizations of mine in the community who never lost their vision of what true freedom for all means, come what may. I have a feeling this Summer is going to get mighty interesting... and fast!

Hoping you are having a kick ass day! Oh...and watch "the Great Debaters" if you want. It is inspiring to watch a people repressed express themselves and beg the question of what can and should be done. Ciao!


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