Friday, May 25, 2012

Lunch Time

Just finished eating my  lunch. Grilled BBQ pork chops, green beans and red beans and rice with plenty of hot sauce and chopped onion. Pretty damn good eating, but then, I cooked it! Great morning so far. Ran into the city today to have lunch with my friend Lucas. The morning started out all rainy, huge storm to wake up to, but it was nice to lay there and simply doze for a while.

Stayed out pretty late last night. One of my ex-boyfriends, Nick (circa 2000) gave me a call and asked if I could come to his university and model for some special effects make up workshop they were having. I said, why the hell not and headed over there. I ended up having a blast. I have only seen him off and on a few times over the years but it was so good to catch up on life, talk about old times and reconnect. I was kind of hoping to get laid, to be honest, as that is how we usually saw each other. We would happen to be single, run into each other and just romp around, but we didn't. And I am okay with that! We still have chemistry to be sure, and we talked about what we could do, but decided not to. Man, it was so good to see him! I learned that letting someone do that kind of art work and painting on your body is pretty intimate as well. We hung out at his place afterwards, laid around on his bed and watched Youtube videos shared music and just rambled all over the place talking. I headed out around midnight and I think we are going to grab some sushi later this next week, after the holiday. It is good to be friends again, but with some time, experience and knowledge (and hopefully wisdom) gained.

He has an interesting relationship now and is in the process of moving to CO this fall. He is in a triad and has two boyfriends. They all live together in their home and are really a great group of guys. Sure, it is a bit unconventional, but then Nick always was. I understand where he is at in life right now and have lived in that heart and head space too. I am glad they have each other and am happy for the lives they share.

The sun is out now. It's a beautiful day. Had a great talk and wander around Downtown and the Crossroads with Lucas and now am fed and happy. Where will the day take me? Who knows? Michael's best friend from Atlanta is in town so I know I will be spending some time with them and of course its Memorial Day weekend, so there will be boating, swimming, grilling and lounging involved. Time to show and see some skin and get some more sun! I do love me some guys in trunks!  And out of them! Skinny dipping rocks! :D

So yeah, life is good. I am enjoying my time off and settling in to figuring out some stuff. Guess I don't have much more to say except enjoy your holiday weekend. Be safe. Be happy and make sure to spend time with the people you love and who love you.

Make sure to tell someone today that you love them, because life is so short. And remember to shout it at them loudly in German! Because life is also terrifying and confusing! Bwhahahaha....

(Ich liebe dich, "ikh leeb-uh dikh" for those who don't know, and yes, it sounds dirty to me too)

Have a great weekend all! I know I will. :P


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