Friday, May 4, 2012


Words have been sorely lacking here lately, and not for want or lack of content in my daily life. I feel I have been overwhelmed by activity, thought, confusion and questions in such a way as to prevent any type of coherent writing or thought articulation.

I awoke this morning, moments before my alarm to gray cool light filtering into my bedroom and the familiar sounds of a Spring thunderstorm. I laid there for a bit and was simply content to be. No rushing thoughts or bewildering emotions, questions or ideas, just being. It was nice.

This weekend will be consumed by work. I find myself with free time in the oddest of places but in the midst of cooking for others and training new employees, the customary rhythm of others lives with more traditional schedules evade me. There are both positive and negative aspects to this which I have not yet come to fully appreciate. The nature of my work has placed me outside my friends life patterns and maybe for a season, this is exactly what I need.

Sleeping for over six hours always leaves me in a somewhat odd head space and it is from there I am trying to think and write. A summary of the past few weeks include time spent with friends, many long conversations, my first visit to a therapist to discuss some issues and much work and long hours. That really is all about I know or can share at the moment. Nothing earth shattering but much to think on and wonder about. I guess this is the place I find myself at the moment. A bit detached from it all is an adequate way of describing it.

I listen to the rain and I am happy. I like the light and sound it brings. Today will be a good day. For once, in a long while, I am feeling that it may all just be okay. Time tends to work these things out. Have a Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend. I will be over here cooking if you feel like dropping by. Peace.


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  1. Take care of yourself, and know that it will all be worth while in the end. You're a fantastic writer who is very articulate. Just keep hanging in there, and all that work will be finished before you know it. I'm happy that you can find the time to clear you mind, and embrace what you have around you. Keep that chin up! You got this! =]