Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Afternoon break

Wow! It is amazing what a good jolt of coffee and some sunshine can motivate me to do in a mornings time. Woke up today after sleeping, which as of late, is quite strange for me. Usually I am up before the sun, but for some reason my body and bed conspired to hold me snug until 10 am. The sun was streaming in, birds were singing impatiently and for the life of me, I could not remember anything pressing that needed to be done.

I made my coffee, remembered to run up and vote later and then started puttering around the house. Decided to vacuum and dust, since the bright sun was making it evident that bits had settled on the hard wood and surfaces around the house. Upstairs and downstairs in a flurry of activity, and I just kept finding little places and spots to clean, so I decided, what the hell! Lets clean the house! Kitchen, bathrooms, floors, windows, rugs beat and vacuumed, laundry started, fresh linens...I was a regular Merry Man Maid. I prolly looked like a guy possessed but now the house looks and smells so fresh and amazing! I might just have to throw a dinner party to celebrate tonight. Impromtu, thrown together groups are always fun, right?

So then I headed outdoors and decided, hmm, let's clean and organize the garage. That all started because I realized I needed to take a new bag of charcoal out to the shed. Then it was time to clean cars. That only took about 3.5 hours to wash and wax them. I went as far as to clean the wheels with a tooth brush, vacuum the carpets and seats, wash the windows inside and out and throw a coat of wax on each on. Pulled two into the garage and threw the car covers on them. Not sure when they will get out again. They look kind of good under wraps there.

Now I came inside and caught a look at myself in the mirror. LOL!!! I do look like a crazy man. Hair sticking up all over, hands grimy and cold, bare feet, jeans rolled up to my knees and some tattered old favorite work shirt on that has certainly seen better days. BUT...the house and cars are clean. Poured myself another mug of coffee and decided to check mail and do a bit of writing. I have to give an address this Saturday at the National Mayflower Society Missouri Colony, of which I am now Governor, but I have absolutely no idea what to speak on. I will come back to that later.

Guess it is time to shower up, shave, get some clean clothes on and head out to vote and explore my day. Fall Cleaning instead of Spring cleaning certainly did me a world of good. I feel like all is right with the world now, at least for a little while! Hope you are all having a great day. I know I am. Peace.


PS: I wish I had one of these guys over to help me clean my cars this morning. I wouldn't be able to help but stare either! :)

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