Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend is done

Monday morning, here we are. Just hopped out of the shower, caught up on emails, texts and voice mail and getting my day started with some coffee, stretching out and generally taking inventory of my mind and body. Thoughts are pretty sharp, brain isn't picking up the rpms yet, but that is okay. Pretty simple day, not a lot of mental gymnastics to be performed. Body is a bit sore, arms are tight but my back and legs are feeling great. That "after a really hard work out" kind of sore. All is well with my world.

The weekend was great and jammed full of stuff. Of course it was Halloween and all that. Hit a few parties for a short time on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing crazy, just some good friends and people. Ended up staying up all night working on some stuff on Friday and was planning on crashing at sun up. Did not happen. I forgot that Stephen wanted me to help him move from his loft downtown to his new house and it totally slipped my mind. I was actually laying in bed when I checked my phone and saw that I was supposed to be at Cascone's for breakfast. Ugh...ran through the shower like a crazy man, threw some clothes on and flew downtown where the adventure began. It was a great day, just a very long one. Finally hit the sack after being up for about 27 hours straight. I was pretty slap happy and manic to say the least. At least I got breakfast, lunch, dinner and some ice cream out of the deal, not to mention some quality time with an amazing friend. Moral of the story, if you feed me, I am pretty much up for anything. I guess I am kind of like a dog. Loyal to a fault, always happy to see those I love and if you can't eat it or hump it...piss on it and walk away. :)

Sunday was interesting to say the least. Had to cook for All Saints Day at the church. I got that done in the wee hours and headed into the city for the 9 am service. It was an all worship Sunday, so that totally rocked. I love Mike and Micah our music leaders. Micah is pretty easy on the eyes too...just saying. I think I have a man crush on him? happens I guess. I am attracted to happy all the time.

Headed out from there to the other church I have been visiting. Their service really touched me. They had a video after the message of all those that our community has lost too soon over the past few years to HIV. As I watched all those pictures and faces, listening to the music, I wondered if one day that is all I would be. A face on a screen at a church that others remembered of a life but too short. I guess I have been really lucky, or protected or something. I have never had an STD in my life, but it is not because I wasn't trying, I guess. I have taken some risks over the years and hopefully learned my lesson. To think of all the close calls, kind of freaks me out. I think God was definitely protecting me over the years. Bleh...don't want to talk about my past right now.

Anyway, headed back to my church for the dinner. Had a blast catching up with everyone from the camping trip and Pilgrimage. We all get way too busy with our lives. It was so good to share a meal and watch this interesting community that I am a small part of. Once done there, headed over to watch the Chiefs game with my buds and have a few beers. Then home for a nap. (That rocked!) Got up just in time to get to my small groups BBQ and then wrapped the night up hanging with Stephen. Got home and managed to touch base with another blog buddy and had a great chat. New friends kick ass!

So yeah...that was my weekend really. Did not get laid, though I was not planning on it, so that was good?  Did not get hammered, also good, just a few brews here and there. (Schlafly Pumpkin Ale is awesome btw) Acquired a new pair of running shoes (thanks Stephen!) and a beautiful piece of art by Eric Disney as gift. That one really stunned me... The car is clean, I am shaved and scrubbed up, the coffee shop awaits and I can tell it is going to be a good day. Hope you all are well! And if you are not, reach out to some one. Life is too short and amazing to live it in pain and silence.


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