Sunday, November 7, 2010

The busy life

November and Fall are certainly here! Stepped outside this morning and it is COLD! At least to my perspective. I guess I could have put more clothes on than just some PJ pants and a hoodie. Supposed to get up to about 65 during the day, which is great! I am missing summer a bit already. Those morning, just a pair of shorts on and the morning felt good. That sun on my skin was a welcome feeling. Seasons change. You would think I would be used to that by now!

It has been a busy time in life. Many things changing. I have decided I want more of a schedule and picked up a job to work until school starts. Looking forward to having some responsibility and something more to do with my time than come up with creative ways to entertain myself. The break I took was much needed and after 6 months I certainly feel much more in touch with myself and how I am doing in life. It was good to just stop and reconnect. I am thankful I had that opportunity and the courage to just do it. Or not do ever that works semantically.

Some might notice I took my last post down. On review I decided the last thing I wanted to do on my blog here was start some comment war over such a sensitive subject that polarizes so many gay Christians and allies. I still agree with what my friend Steven says, but also realize that there are many who cannot separate emotion from logic and see past the rhetoric and realize how culpable we all are at times in the suffering of others.

Last night I went to a Ray Boltz and Azariah Southworth concert. A friend drove up and joined me for coffee and music and we had a great times listening to these guys stories, the old and new music and seeing another side of Christian culture that has largely been marginalized and over looked. Ray and Azariah both came out a few years ago and their lives have certainly changed. Ray is a musician and song writer in the mainstream Christian culture and upon coming out went from being the hero and "man of God" to being the hated goat among the sheep. His testimony and songs are powerful and speak to me even more, knowing the journey we walk together in this "professional christian" culture that is very short on love, but does a great job at judgment and condemnation. Azariah was the host and producer of Remix, a show on the "Jesus" channels of television. I really can't stand watching those ridiculous programs, but am encouraged by his stand and story as a young gay man who walked away from the conditional success that the American sanitized version of "christianity" offered him. Once he came out, they dropped him like a red headed step child. It was great to meet them both and spend time listening and thinking on how God reaches into each of our lives and loves each and everyone of us. We need to spend more time listening to Him and much less time listening to "them".

So life is busy! Church, work, friends, sports, family, friends and now the holidays are upon us. I love this time of year and am enjoying being buries in activity now for a change. Still getting used to the idea of being single at the moment. Have been on a few dates, but am realizing that what I really crave right now is closer friends and meeting a large group of different and varied people. I am so thankful for all of those in my life who have been pouring out their love, time and attention on me as this year has gone by. You guys rock!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. Orientation at the new job, then over to KS to address the Mayflower Society Compact luncheon. I spoke on the Ladies of Plymouth and then resided as Governor over the business meeting. It is so strange to be so young in such a position. Most of the Society members are more than twice my age over. I think it went well and I am having a great time being more involved. Looks like I will be headed back to Plymouth, MA for the National Congress this next year to represent our State and am so excited to be headed back the East Coast. I have so missed New England since I got out of the Navy. Can't wait! :)

Almost time to get ready for church and head into the city for coffee. Going to my church, then over to MCC, then it will be time for lunch with the buds, watch the Chiefs game and then play some soccer. All in all...a great day. Hope you are well, where ever you are! :)



  1. I went to the GCN conference where both of them performed. I liked Ray but Azariah had only come out a few months prior and he just wasn't ready to be a Gay Christian spokesman. He was one of the night speakers to open up the conference and was up there for maybe 15 mins. It was really lame and I think GCN errored in inviting him without giving his soul time to settle down from what we know is a very emotional and difficult time.

    Anyways, glad to know you enjoyed it.

  2. Pomo,

    Yup...I can see how Azariah would have been pretty timid initially. He is still working on that, but 7 months of touring and speaking have certainly helped. I found his story authentic and compelling even though it was a bit subdued. I think as more time goes by, he will find more of his voice. There is no way I would have attempted to speak out so soon after a life change myself. Such is the public life, I guess? Hope you are well!