Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Choosing to be Straight

 This was posted by a friend of mine...just had to laugh! 

Choosing to be Straight
I am not sure what process people go through to choose to be straight.

Do they make a list of pros and cons of being attracted to the same or opposite sex?

Do they study ancient texts of the Bible or read the New Testament word by word?

Do they consult with a religious leader, family members, and friends?

I cannot say because I knew I was straight at age 5. I had a crush on a classmate in kindergarten. I remember it and her clearly. We are still friends nearly 40 years later.

It is amazing that I made the right "choice" since I had no religious instruction at that point and was not familiar with the text of the Bible. There are a few possible conclusions I have drawn as to why I made that choice:

1. Divine inspiration or intervention
2. Sheer luck
3. My own awesomeness

Thank God I made the right choice at age 5! I mean, after all, there was a 50-50 chance I would make the wrong one. Who knew how critical to my life that decision at that age would be for my future?
Imagine if I had made the wrong one:

1. I would have chosen to be ostracized by society.
2. I would have chosen to be shunned and abused by many Christian "faiths".
3. I would have alienated family members and friends.
4. I would have tripled my odds of attempting suicide.
5. I would not be able to marry my partner.
6. I would not have the same rights as other people in this society.
7. I would be crushed every time I heard slurs commonly spoken in daily life about "people like me."

Good Lord, I would never make a conscious decision like that! Who would? Thank God I knew at five what Christian fundamentalists and homophobic people have been telling everyone for years.
Phew, that was a close one! 


  1. LOL @ "Phew that was a close one!"

    But, "40 years later..." well that would make you about 47ish now. If I do the math, 2012-1976=36. Trying to be older than you are Daemon? Don't rush it. (grin)

  2. LOL...this was written by a friend of mine. I will bide my time with this aging process. I am in no hurry but am also not dragging my feet or looking back.