Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scared and Worried

I just heard from Craig that my friend David is missing. He is up in the  mountains near Rifle, Colorado on a hunting trip. Keith and David did not return to the campsite this evening and now a heavy snow storm has moved in. Search and Rescue has been out scouting for them on snow mobiles, but no sign as of yet.

They had to call off the search once night and the storm hit, but they did leave a vehicle at the campsite in case they show up tonight. I spent some great times with David and everyone in the mountains this summer and am hoping that Keith and him are alive and well come morning. If you pray, please do so. My stomach is in knots now.



  1. I got a text from Craig this morning about 2 am that they had been found and are headed back down the mountain! Woohoo! Thank God for answered prayers. Still not sure what happened yet, but am so glad they are both alive and safe. I can sleep now, I think. :)

  2. Having driven through that area time and time again, going from home (past) up to Denver, I know of many who were not found in time. Glad your friends were safe.