Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy life

Just woke up a few minutes ago. I am working today so flipped on my laptop to check my schedule for this week and discovered I am working eight days in a row! I cannot say I am overjoyed at this news but I am thankful for the work when so many others are struggling right now with careers and this economy. I had several of my friends on my mind that I have been missing time with lately and know if will be a bit longer before I am able to see them and spend time together. It has seemed as of late as if my social life revolves around a texting, the occasional phone call and contacting the people I know and care about through email and on Facebook.

To be honest, in the last few months I have started to feel spread a bit thin. While I certainly enjoy my own company and tend to walk and wander alone in my free time, it would be nice to be able to find a happy medium of friends, family and social activities. I know that this business is just for a season but I am feeling the need for more contact and shared life. My community will always be there for me, but I cannot help wondering what I am missing when I am not present. This is going to be a long week.

I feel pretty good, considering I am working ten hour shifts and catching my sleep, rest, eating and exercise wherever it may fit into my life at the moment. I have not been able live as I please lately and that lack of freedom that I once enjoyed is wearing a bit thin, but I know that the pay off for this work and education will be well worth the cost. My mornings start early each day and seem to be ending later each night. My bedroom has quite a few stacks of clean laundry that I am able to keep up with, but cannot seem to find the time to actually put away before I need to wear the clothes, so my dresser has been these neat towers of clothing. Maybe I should leave them in the laundry room until life slows down a little bit?

The to-do list of chores I need to get down around the house this Spring is already feeling a bit daunting. The flower beds and landscaping needs tended to, as all the plants are coming on strong now. The yard needs to be power raked, edged and mowed for the first time and the garage is going to need a cleaning after this winter. I am wondering where I will find the time to fit it all in? I can understand now why being married or at least in a relationship where the guys live together at one residence is attractive at times. The added help with tasks and the important things of life gets divided up and the other is able to assist in all the small things that differing schedules allow. Does't look like that is going to happen anytime soon. This last adventure in dating has left me a little boyfriend shy.

Hopefully I will be able to knock my work out with good timing today and get to evening service or at least over to see Michael. He is doing well and we are managing to stay in touch about the important things in our lives. While our relationship and friendship certainly has changed since this last Fall, it is still great to know that we care about and love each other very much, no matter how that relationship changes and is defined. The dogs are doing great and I do need to get over there and spend some time with them all. Things are just too busy at the moment. *sigh*

There are a lot of things on my mind that are kind of escaping me now. I guess I am just concentrating on the tasks and activities that I know must be completed this day and this next week. I still think about many different topics, I just rarely have the inspiration in the early morning hours to write about them. I still want to get a post out on porn, on friendships, about the current state of my family, where I feel faith is in my life now and a myriad of other things that pop into my head at all hours of the day. I guess those will have to wait for another time? The shower is calling my name. There is coffee to be made, clothes to get on, breakfast to eat, a top to get off the car and my game face on for another day in the kitchen.

Happy Sunday everyone, wherever you are and however you may be spending it. We all have a lot to be thankful for and I hope this day finds you doing what you like, with whom you care about in the places and spaces that bring you happiness and smiles. While I don't seem to be getting much play time, at least I am doing what I love as well. Later!


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