Thursday, March 22, 2012

To those in pain...

I ask you, if you have doubts, fears and pain about your identity and the things that make you different than others in your family, school, college, church or friends, please, take the few moments to listen and watch the song and message expressed here.

This is what happens when you combine composer Stephen Schwartz, Dan Savage, the It Gets Better Project, and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

"Testimony," an incredible piece that puts the heartfelt sentiments of the many "It Gets Better" videos we've seen to such a touching, moving way.

Enjoy - and share it. It may just help someone that is hurting in silence.



  1. I recently found your blog and I really enjoy reading your thoughts and musings. Had to say that growing up Catholic, guilt and all, in my teens/early twenties, I gave up on that way of thinking and realized I could be religious/spiritual without all the hellfire and brimstone. My God is kind, forgiving, and only wants the best for us. Kind of like grandma loved me no matter if I terrorized my sister!

    I'm a bit of a Luddite, but my email is if you'd like to start a dialogue.

    Have a blessed weekend!



  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. Max