Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stretching out and listening

Drinking my first cup of coffee of the day and ruminating on an interesting comment I received here about a post of mine and my blog in general. A new reader managed to find my blog by a similar interest (piano) and read a few entries and left some insightful words about not only my unrest with others acceptance, or lack there of concerning my orientation and practice of said, but also inquired about all the other many interests that make up this varied life of mine. I find it fascinating that when others, who are not familiar with us, take a moment to look at our lives, or at least the way that we express them to others, they are able to see more clearly through the mists that swirl than we ourselves are capable of. Clarity through unfamiliarity, I suppose? For his words and questions, I am thankful. They give me a moment to reconsider the larger picture of my life and not just the small measure to which I examine pieces of it here.

This blog has largely become a place where I contemplate, consider and communicate about my relationships, my sexuality and the singular journey of faith and disbelief I find myself on. I know, simply from a quick perusal, that it has become a bit repetitive and circular in its scope and tone. It accurately reflects a segment of my life that has in the forefront of my mind and heart for the past year or so but, at the same time, is also lacking an address of all of the other facets of my life. Other bloggers that I read tend to have more focused writing habits. They tend to pick a topic and write about it. I, on the other hand, have tended to just word vomit whatever comes to mind when I sit down for a few minutes, and I think that myself, as well as those few who do read this, have suffered for it.

There have been times where I would want to revisit issues I have written on and promised to do so. Rarely have I ever come back to write follow up posts on those ideas and questions. There are also so many other things in my life that fill my space and time that I have never considered writing about. Some for privacy reasons have not been touched and others, for the thought I have that most people would find them boring. I do know that I am going to attempt to stretch my writing legs out a bit over the next few months and hope to fill in the gaps and missing pieces, not only of my personal history, but also the other interests, people and activities that make my life so full. Maybe then, when one looks here, they will see a more accurate picture of myself and maybe not so many pictures of half naked guys. (though I do love me some pictures of guys!)

So, blah, blah, blah, going to start writing more than just my ramblings about dating, relationship, sex and random faggotry. :) Hope I can get my head wrapped around it and hope you all enjoy the new leaf that will be turned over. Any suggestions, questions or comments from any of you are certainly welcome. I am never at a loss for words, of course, but to focus my communication and sharing is my intent, so please bear with me if it doesn't happen over night or in a less than orderly fashion. drink my coffee and head out to work soon.

A big thank you to Phineas for his observations, concerns, words and questions. Inspiration and motivation can come from anywhere at anytime and I certainly wanted to thank him for being that catalyst for me. Have a good day all, I hope to get back here later tonight and write something. Kind of excited! :)



  1. You write whatever floats your boat and makes you keep coming back to write some more. Max

  2. Thank you for your kind words. They are certainly not lost on me.

    I am gratified to know from your words that my comments were received in the manner which I intended: simply as something for your consideration.

    I look forward to your further musings and observations about all things Daemon.

    Again, thank you--from from shampoo bottle reader to another.


    P.S.--I rather like the sweet and sexy nature of your photo choices