Saturday, March 3, 2012

Second Day Thoughts

Since my days are starting early once again, I am going to attempt to get a few words out each day in order to keep my thoughts and life current on my blog here. Mind you, this is not some commitment to writing each and every day, but I do need to make an effort to do so, if only for my own mental and emotional health.

Yesterday at my new job was a bit grueling, to say the least. I wanted to see what kind of chops my staff had, so simply worked 9 1/2 hours, non-stop, no breaks, no food, no sitting down...nothing. Came in, set to work and just pushed myself and them all day long. Needless to say, I am elated and impressed with the way the team pulled with me. It almost became some kind of contest and the effort they all put into the job, in their respective stations, really showed me the kind of success that we can have. It became apparent to me, that most had found their strongest skill sets and the communication they already have in place is fantastic.

After a few hours, the sous chef I was working with, Alex, finally gave me the third degree. Married? Nope. Divorced? No. How many kids do you have? None. Finally he paused and jokingly said, "So I guess you have a boyfriend?" He was completely kidding around but I just looked him square in the face and said, "Actually, yes. I do have a boyfriend." He kind of got a strange look on his face and went back to work in silence for awhile. He looked up later and said, "I really can't tell who is gay or straight anymore. I didn't mean to offend you. I was just kidding around. Are we cool?" I told him sure and we had a good conversation about simple diversity and never making assumptions about people. Later that day, while we were checking in our produce order, he came out to me, but let me know that he is not out at work, only to a few close friends. All in all, I made a new friend, and that is pretty cool. He worked with me all day and I can tell he is a great part of the culinary team and is honest and does his best. After meeting more of the front of the house staff, it became readily apparent that we have a pretty high percentage of gay guys working at that location. Makes me feel at home already, as long as they excel at their jobs, pull their weight and keep the drama at home.

I am sipping my first cup of coffee with an eye on the clock and will be headed out soon. I think I will work about 7 days straight through to get my house in order, so to speak and then take 2 days off. It will probably depend on the needs of the business, but I can already tell, though it is a huge challenge, I am going to love working for this company in all their different concepts and venues. It will be neat to travel to each different restaurant and explore new cuisines and ideas. A good choice on both sides of the table, and for that I am happy.

Well, I guess I will go slam some breakfast and get this show on the road. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday. Hopefully I will have enough energy to hang with Brian tonight. Seems kind of strange not to be able to see him everyday, but that is just the way it will be till life settles down. Geoff leave for Aruba tomorrow, lucky bastard, so I do hope to see him as well tonight. Guess that is all that is on my mind at the moment. I am outie here!



  1. I missed you from a certain site and felt moved to look up your blog again. Read a few entries. You are so refreshing and so fine. Congratulations on the bf and on your life in general. You are an amazing human being and more loved by more folk than you realize.

    Peace, out. michael e

  2. Thanks, Michael! :) I cannot say I miss the drama. Making my life more simple was a great step in the right direction. Hope you are well!