Saturday, March 10, 2012

The simple things

Well, it is Saturday and my hope last night was to sleep in for a bit before heading off to work. I actually got to bed early last night and managed to sleep about seven hours before my cough and the usual morning wood woke me up. I took some medicine for the former and ignored the latter for a change and set about starting my day. I am doing a load of laundry now and am baking Blueberry Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls, just because I can. The house smells amazing and as I sit here, I can hear my coffee maker working away, adding its scent to the smell of pastry and home.

Some of the most simple things bring me the most pleasure and contentment.

The feel of a fresh hair cut. A hard scrub and shower in the sunlight and then toweling off with a warm rough towel. A baby smooth close shave with a fresh razor. Driving down some incredible curves in the woods with the top down and music blasting. Setting in the sun with a good book, a cup of coffee, eyes shut and enjoying the sounds of the city waking up. A warm, heavy woolen sweater and leather jacket on a cold day. The sight of kids laughing and scampering about discovering life. How the rain drops run down a window pane, turning the entire view into a Monet inspired painting. The crash of thunder and flash of lightening during a sudden summer storm. The smell of the fresh dirt being turned over for spring planting. Grass freshly cut floating in the wind.

The friendly, nonchalant wave of a passerby in the neighborhood. Watching the dogs play and chase imaginary things only they seem to sense. That first piss in the morning when you really, really, really have to go. Feeling my toes pop and crunch when I stretch so hard my legs vibrate. A hard, warm hug between friends when neither of us let go first. A good cry when that one song comes on, at that right time, in the right place. Rubbing my eyes and head hard when I get sleepy and know that my warm bed is waiting. A hard, full pump and sweat after a long full work out. Taking off your shirt outside for the first time in Summer. That first dive into the lake on vacation...

I could go on and on. My memories and mind are not moving faster than my fingers could possible keep up with and I find it time to start my day. Looking back at even this short list of things I find... truly IS the simple things.



  1. That list looks like a good one. :)

  2. The guy I hope to find one day and spend my life with will sound just like that. Thank you for sharing that - it warmed my heart. Max

  3. I am totally with you on that, my friend! Life seems so complicated, we forget that all we need to know lies in the simple things. What a great way to start the weekend!
    Have a wonderful day. :-)