Monday, March 19, 2012

Captured in sound

I believe that these sounds, above all others, capture my emotions and soul tonight. To let myself drift and be moved along by what this music evokes within me is healing and helping me find a path back to myself, even though I had not been aware that I had wandered and left so long ago.

Times and places change and we, as humans often forget the spaces and persons we came from. In  the living and becoming strangers to ourselves with the passing of time, there come glimpses and instants where once again, in the light of our own humanity, we see ourselves, who we were and whom we are, for one fleeting moment. That clarity causes us to hold our breathes and stop...and in the twinkling of an eye, all too often, we lose it. Memory steals it away. It passes through our fingers and is taken by the winds of seconds, moments, minutes, days, hours and years.

We each pause, in our own ways, when we recognize ourselves in the world around us. We meet ourselves a thousand times over in everything and everyone we see around us, but we do not recognize ourselves and simply stop. Stop and stare at the beauty, the wonder and the spectacular, aching, painful and fleeting scenes that are our magnificent and short lives.

And is gone. We were so very alive. This life is so short. Love is.


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  1. Ah I soooooo love the violin......
    (closes eyes and listens)