Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plan of the Day

1. Sleep in. Check.
2. Take care of morning wood. Check.
3. Pee. Check.
4. Take first cup of coffee outside and watch the Sun rise through the trees. Check.
5. Stretch out and exercise. Check.
6. Make plan of the Day. Working.
7. Wash and wax the car.
8. Take top off the car.
9. Trim the hedges and groom the landscaping and flower beds.
10. Head to local Library. Get new books to read.
11. Flirt with cute library guys.
12. Go to Coffee Shop and start new book, listen to music and enjoy the view.
13. Jewelry store to pick up new Titanium tension mount diamond ring.
14. Try on and lust after the Nixon 51-30 white face, stainless chronograph.
15. Talk myself out of buying said watch.
16. Browse the antique stores.
17. Go to the Bunker and pick out a pair of new Pumas or Adidas.
18. Buy new shoes in lieu of the watch I have wanted for three years.
19. Convince myself that this was the sensible option.
20. Wear new shoes out the door and walk around Westport grinning like a kid.
21. Skip.
22. Go to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum and peruse the priceless art.
23. Pretend that I live there and am allowing people to visit.
24. Have lunch in Rozzelle Court and imagine I am an Italian shipping magnate in my villa on the Adriatic Sea.
25. Fly kite on the South Lawn of the Nelson.
26. Smile at the sky and take my shirt off.
27. Pick up a pizza and some wings and head over to Michael's house.
28. Eat dinner with him and cuddle on the couch while watching a movie and playing with his dogs.
29. Head to bed.
30. Count myself truly blessed before nodding off to sleep.


1 comment:

  1. (big smile) What a great day. Love #23 and envious of #28. #13 is my dream wedding ring. I have it picked out too. I toy with the idea of buying it anyway (too pathetic?)... Max