Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Words have power.

Random thought. This happens to be my 600th post. That is hard to believe but I also need to say what I came here to say.

I had the day off and I woke up early. Got ready, put the top down, went for a drive into the city. Hit my coffee shop. Read and listening to music. Grabbed lunch and beer with a friend. Came home and worked in the yard. Took a nap. Had dinner. Watched KU lose the championship and now I can't sleep. Sounds nice and normal, right?

Wrong. During the day I found something I considered to be true as well as humorous and I posted it on my FB wall. That is when the shit hit the fan. I wont repost it here, because I think it really did do some damage and hurt some of my friends and family. Before the game started tonight, I had received no less than 6 phone calls about it from concerned family, friends and people that I know. How wrong I was to think that someone would see it as I did. I have apologized since, not only by phone but on my FB wall. I never meant to hurt anyone, or maybe I did. I meant to say something and I did and that is what hurt people.

Words have power.

I bet you can remember the best compliments you ever received. I know I can. I remember AJ telling me that I have a beautiful body. I will never forget the good things people I care for or complete strangers have shared with me about myself. We also do not forget the words of hurt, of pain, of condemnation, hate and disgust. What we say and what others say alters reality and literally changes our lives and our space here.

What I posted and said hurt people I care about. I wish I could take it back, but it is done. All that I can do is move forward with a valuable lesson learned. I do not want to silence my voice. I will not take away from this that I must keep my peace but I am not highly away that how I express my opinion about anything in life should be considered before it is thrown out there. My words, like other peoples, have power and what I choose to say needs to reflect the best I have to offer and bring peace and life to those who hear them.

To those of you who communicated with me today, my sincere thanks and deepest apologies. It takes ears and eyes other than my own to fill in the missing parts of the picture that I am often blind to. Please forgive me. I can do better and have more to offer. For your patience and understanding as I grow and learn, much thanks.



  1. It takes a good man to admit mistakes. Max

  2. Dude, you TOTALLY have to message me what ever that was on FB. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! :)

    It's always excellent to know that I am not the only one who can insert both feet in their mouth at the same time...a skill I have worked diligently to perfect.

  3. I love the picture on this post.