Friday, March 18, 2011

Bed time...a reminder to me.

Getting ready to crash here, but figured I would update you all on what a freaking awesome week this has been. The Midwestern weather finally cooperated with my schedule and yesterday found me in my car with the top down all day for the first time this season! Woohoo!

I had a huge smile on my face all day as I tooled around the city doing the little things that I love to do when I am by myself. Hit my coffee shop and read a book watching the city wake up. Then headed over for some shopping (not buying) for headphones new kicks and other odds and ends I want for the summer and school. Hit a friends restaurant for lunch and then grabbed a Guiness at Kelly's the day BEFORE St. Pats. Caught my friends bands playing at the Brick and hung with them. Grabbed Thai food on the Plaza and then wiled away the night hours on their patio talking to friends and strangers. All in all...just a kick ass and simple day.

Today, the holiday, found me at work for 12 hours. Had a blast with my friends, made some good cash and narrowly avoided blowing my stack at my assistant GM, who by the way, is a total bitch, from Wisconsin. I love her to death at times, but our communication styles are so either alike or opposite, not sure which, that I always feel we are at each others throats. I think we are both insanely competitive and she always feels the need to one up me, ersumshit. Tossing her under the bus and all that aside, it was a good day. So nice to sit out on our patio at work over the lake and finish up the days task with a nice sunset, good friends and an amazing view. Cannot wait till Spring.

Hmm...when I come back here later this week, I need to write about some pretty significant stuff, if I remember and get the time to. I want to write about having a crush on a straight friend. Also the do's and don'ts of dating/sexing co-workers. I also want to tackle the age old question about age and younger/older relationships. I need to hit on what is happening spiritually with me. Catch up on family news. Wow....just a lot of things to cover. I will be back later. I really need to take a shower and sleep.

Hope you are all well!


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  1. What a great week you're having! :)

    Crushing on a straight friend can be fine if he's okay with it and it is just fun. Some st8 guys like the attention. But try not to crush too hard on him. I made the mistake of falling in love with my (mostly) straight best friend in college and it nearly destroyed me. If he's not open-minded and fun about it, then try to look beyond the crush.

    About dating and sexing in general, be careful to be on the same wavelength, same page, as the other guy. Since you sound quite attractive and personable, it's possible a guy might want a real relationship with you: or you might want one with him: so try not to either break a guy's heart or get your own heart ripped out.

    "Be not unequally yoked" is true in many ways.

    Dating and sex become even more serious if a guy is younger than you. The younger and/or more inexperienced he is, the more careful you have to be so as not to take advantage of him.

    In any case, give as good as you get. I'm sure you do.

    And you really don't need drama from work mates, so wow.

    But then you already know those things. :)

    michael e