Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Time!

I just came in from cleaning out my flower beds, doing some pruning on the flowering shrubs and trees, raked some late leaves, fed and reseeded the yard, all in a t-shirt, some shorts and bare feet! I can smell the rich loamy dirt and new life that is coming up from the ground and it is so good to be back out of doors without all the layers of clothing. My legs, arms and face can feel the sun again and it is great to be seeing all the little signs of rebirth that heralds another Spring! The jonquils and daffodils are coming up, the hyacinths are blooming, there are tiny buds of bright green on all the trees and like a warm blanket, Winter is finally shrugged off. I took some time to simply sit there in the dirt and breathe deeply. My hands were covered in soil and I was happy to be working the earth once more. The garden is tilled and turned over and I cannot wait to get all the plants in for another season of growing food to enjoy on my own table from the land. Salads and veggies, sweet corn and tomatoes, green beans and peppers, potatoes and onions, herbs for seasoning and all the awesome new things I want to try this year. The apple trees are pruned and I want to start some pear trees and maybe a few citrus this year in tubs. I get so excited just thinking about it!

Since I had a few hours between work, I went ahead and rolled out the grill and am firing up some chicken and roast corn for lunch. I cannot even begin to describe how much I needed this warmer beautiful weather after such a long hard winter. Getting the top off the car and slipping into some light clothes with the warm sun on my skin has done wonders for me in just a few short days.

This weeks schedule is pretty full with work and friends, but I think things are starting to really roll in the right direction. I took this weekend off from all the usual haunts and did my own thing, with myself. it gave me some time to consider who I am and how I ended up being this me that I am now. Introspection and sitting in the moment with myself is something I did not take enough time for this winter. Odd, I know.

WTF?! While I was outside cooking my phone went off, so I picked it up without checking and it was my best friend. Yeah...the one who dumped me. Not to be confused with my ex-boyfriend. Hmm...I just let him talk. He was headed to the park to ride his bike and wanted to get together this week. No mention of how sexually promiscuous he thinks I am, just my old normal friend wanting to hang out. Curious. I think I will call him later this week and get together. I would be interested to see what is going on with him. He mentioned that he is done with girls right now and wants to concentrate on his guy friends. I have no idea what is going on in his head right now. What an odd relationship we have. I should blog about that later to get it str8 in my head. :)

Anyway...time to eat now. The potatoes, grilled corn and BBQ Chicken is done and I am ready to chow down before I hop in the shower to wash the dirt and grime off and head back into work tonight. Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather, wherever in the world you are. Ciao!


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  1. I adore springtime! Such joy as everything (including me) comes to life!

    I wonder what your best friend has discovered.... In any case I hope his heart and mind are open to you and to God's kindness.

    michael e