Thursday, March 24, 2011

With vs. Near

Today so far has pretty much kicked ass. Woke up a bit early to another beautiful Spring day. Got cleaned up and ate some breakfast. Right before I headed out to my coffee shop the enormous sound of twin air horns shattered the bird song and morning calm...WOHHHHNNN! It was my older brother. He was in the area and stopped by in one of his big rigs to show me his new "little" bulldozer. What a freakin' awesome toy! And that one is the smallest one he has! He owns and runs a concrete company North of the river and keeps adding to his equipment inventory each year. I am so proud of the success he has found but still find it funny to poke him with the fact that he did marry into a huge, old Italian family, in a mob controlled city...and owns a concrete company...that has too much business to keep up with. Where is Jimmy Hoffa again? Bwhahahaha...

After checking out his new toy, talking guns and shop, making some coffee for him and watching him devour half a pan of brownies I made (older brothers are nothing if not predictable) he headed of to a job site and I got on the road. What an amazing day for a drive. Sun was out. It was late enough to avoid all the traffic and I hit the coffee shop at the peak people watching time. I grabbed a table while waiting for my espresso that some gabby girls had vacated and wiled some time away writing and working on a few sketches. Then  I wandered over to listen to some bands practice at a local venue and spent some time in the park walking and catching up with the locals and their bewildering assortment of dogs and children. I find it fascinating that kids can make the simplest things, such as coughing or reaching for a flower, the cutest thing in the world. Is it their over size heads? Maybe it's their ginormous eyes? Possibly their strange little voices and noises? I dunno for sure...but they will sure give puppies a run for their money, any given day.

Took some time for a great lunch while reading at a local fave haunt and kind of lost myself in a book, forgetting it was lunchtime and I was hogging my cute servers (Nathan with the green eyes) table. So I hooked him up with a fat tip and kept going. Over to the bookstore, another little drive, some window shopping on the Plaza and all the normal things that keep a smile on my face and otherwise occupied on a day off that has to be followed by a night of work.

Came home, took a nice nap and now just got up, worked out and am ready to shower and shave for a good night at work. The patio is open, the weather is gorgeous, people are happy and I am ready to make some smiles and cash. Life is good, what?

Oh...and about that title. I watched so many people today who were "with" other people. Those who were not "with" tended to be working hard on becoming "with" others. When they would enter a business or room, they would pause and almost present themselves for inspection while scanning the room for those they knew, hoped to know or hoped to find. Some were successful and joined their groups of fellow humans, others turned away a bit crestfallen to join either less preferred groups or seek another place. Not too many just were content with being "near". Being "with" seems to be a hugely popular phenomenon. at least here in the Midwest where I live. No one wants to not be "with". They need to be seen "with" while "near" is relegated to second class citizenship status. How odd?

I like being near. I like my freedom. I like to smile and laugh bemusedly to myself without worrying about someone asking me what bizarre or mundane thing I found so funny. I like to people watch. I like to be near. "With" is something I take in small doses, with close friends, families, occasionally coworkers and definitely with dates and boyfriends. Other wise I walk alone. I am not lonely. I just really love my own company. "With" is a commodity I will accept on my own terms. I like being "with" myself and am always happy when others are near.

I guess I just see myself as "with" the entire world. It is a stage you know...


PS: As for the picture today...I just found it hilarious! No offense or temptation intended. He pretty much fits my silly mood. Everyone has one of those motorcycle helmet/tube sock days now and again...right?  :)

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