Friday, March 18, 2011

Hullo? G'morning world...

Woke up about fifteen minutes ago to scraggled fingers of a dream still clawing at my mind and wrapping themselves around my past in present in a strange shroud of yesterday, now and things hoped for. You know, the odd kind of sex dream that ties your past to your current life and to top it all off, I was jacking off hard and slow. I ended up waking up right before I came all over the place and I am not talking about some normal wad blowing session. This was one of those back arching, toe curling, head snapping, eyes rolled back in your head, body and torso flexing, spine cracking, breath gasping, soul shuddering orgasms that just roll up and down your body, over and over and over and over.


What was up with that? Sure, I know I masturbate pretty often, especially when I am single and don't have an active sex life, but now I am jacking off in my sleep? Strange thing this time called Spring. My Dad would just say the sap is rising, but I am still left a little confused and all tingly. Its like my skin is a bit too tight for my body and that warm afterglow has my conscious thoughts smothered by the chemicals and emotions flooding my body. Wow. It was a dream about a guy from the Navy that I dated, but also included in some way a bunch of other guys I have been with or wanted to tag. We were all at some camp in the shower room. It was all long legs, strong arms, hot water, slick bodies, grappling and competition.  Okay...I'll shut up.

Good morning.

Ack, prolly shouldn't be writing now but I am trying to wake up and figure out what this day holds. I know I am working a twelve hour shift and I need to get my butt in gear to get ready. Time to shower, get around some coffee and breakfast, iron my pants and shirt, break out some new shoes and socks and hit the road. I love putting on new socks, that, and new underwear. It is just a good feeling. Like the promise and hope of new possibility, plus they feel really great on my feet and body.

Tons of things I want to write about, but time is short this morning. I have just about an hour and a half before I need to report for duty, looking all scrubbed, bright eyed and happy. Just wanted to take the time to say hello and I thought writing a bit would help wake me up. I guess it has. That dream is still wadded up in my head somehow. I think a blasting hot shower might do the trick.

Today I am going to be positive. I am going to help and share more with my team. I want to see each client as another person with needs, hopes and dreams and bring my skills to bear in order to make their day just a little more fantastic. I want to spend less time staring at guys legs. I need to stop watching Zach's ass every time he walks by and bends over. How about a little less lust and a bit more love? Being a horn dog each and every day is getting old. I feel like I follow my dick around and it keeps getting in the way. Crap...I need a date.

Anyway...hope your day goes well, world. I'll be over here smiling and trying to keep it in my pants. It is going to be one of those days.



  1. Oh, man. What can I say to that? Any prayer requests????

  2. You are one intense guy, lol. It might have been the coffee, but I think "the sap is rising" may be correct.

    May God send you a boyfriend soon! He will be a fortunate fellow. :)

    michael e