Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent and Top Gun

Sitting here watching Top Gun and thinking random thoughts. Bare feet propped up in my new arm chair, wearing my favorite old jeans and a hoodie that I never would be caught dead in public in. Guess that makes me gay? Maverick just took the Polaroid of the Mig and is heading back home. Cougar just freaked out and Goose is trying to talk him down. Man! I haven't seen this film in forever. It's a classic.

Anyway, broke with my weekend habits for the first time that I can remember. Usually after church in the morning, I grab lunch with my friends and have a few drinks while watching the game at my different haunts. Today, I just went and ate by myself and then came home and took a nap. I feel good about that! Instead of blowing my afternoon and evening running around town with my old friends, I actually claimed some time for myself, stayed sober and now have something more to do with my Sunday nights than act a fool and crash early to sleep it off. Plus, I saved like 60 bucks. It may be a small victory to others, but for me it was a huge deal. I always go out on Sunday afternoon and night. Or at least I have for the last year or so...and now. I dunno? My phone started blowing up with texts and calls, so I just shut if off and laid down. The nap felt great, plus read a few chapters in a new book I bought.I want to try something different and see how that goes. :) I think Sundays will be "me" days for a while.

So people at church and different friends have been talking about Lent quite a bit. I was not raised with any high church traditions besides guilt and am not really familiar with the church calendar and all the different traditions. I guess the idea of "giving up" something in order to make space for something new or good is great and all, but I am a complete stranger to self denial. I guess I can understand the idea of "wait" at least a bit, but the concept of "no" is anathema.

I don't want to give up anything. I never have. So I am not. I don't mind adding something good, but the temporary sacrifice of something I enjoy makes no sense to me at all. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

I'll be back later. Gotta watch Top Gun and then get some dinner. Ciao!

PS: Val Kilmer back in the day...hawt.

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  1. Sick thought - could almost turn that clip into a gay porn trailer with Cruise and Kilmer.....