Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning ramble

Through some really odd twist of schedule, I find myself well rested and wide awake now at 3:47 in the morning. Sheesh. What a strange day off. I rarely have a "bad day" but Wednesday could be counted as one for sure. First off, I woke up in a funk, feeling strangely odd in my own body with only vague recollections of the evening before. Damn you, chocolate ale! So the morning hours were spent lying around, talking with a friend and generally being a lazy man till my thoughts finally came together.

Then I remembered that I had lunch with David. Crap. I threw some clothes on, them took them off, then put other clothes on, then took those off, My brain just wouldn't work. I jumped in the shower then got out and put still yet other clothes on. Better...right? Nope. Couldn't find my stupid wallet anywhere. Not on the end table, not on the dining room table. Not in the kitchen. Not on my desk. Nowhere to be found. Finally found the stupid thing kicked under my bed. Guess it landed there last night when I got home and stripped down.

To top it all off, David starts texting me about changing the time for lunch. Now let me be clear. I love David to death, bless his heart, but he can be one annoying pissah when it comes to commitments and appointments Not ONCE...ever has he ever been on time. Not ONCE has he ever left a meeting time standing as is. NEVER since I have known him. Ever. Not since October 9th of 2009. Not that I am counting.

So he texts to change the time and I get all pissed off and tell him to sod off. Then he changes his tune and switches back to the original time. Then I feel like a dick and we change to his new time. So the passive aggressive bastard got what he wanted in the first place. Meh...hope it makes him happy?

After lunch I hung out with my friend (who doesn't want me to blog about him) and generally enjoyed my day off. We grabbed Chinese food at Bo Ling and then came home to watch a movie and relax. I ended up falling asleep for a "short nap" and now find myself wide awake in the morning ready to eat dinner, not breakfast. Strange enough for ya?

My neck still hurts. At least I got David off my back. He had some good insight into my life right now. If he wasn't such a good friend and  had such a keen eye into my life, I would write him off, like I do 90% of everyone I have ever met. What a weird life. I'll come back later this morning when I have something to say. Pax.

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