Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful day

It is 10:37 am and I still can't seem to wake up today. Must have slept really hard but I guess I needed it. Picked up Stephen last night from the dealership and drove him back to the house that he is watching for friends over the weekend. Amazing home with all kinds of collections of neat things. Antique cameras, sail boats, tapestries and cool dogs to play with. Kind of interesting to take such a personal peak into some strangers lives. To see how and where they live without them watching.

Ended up staying up way too late talking and catching up on life. Good to have solid friends who don't need or want anything from me except my presence. I think we are going to head back to Colorado this summer again. At least, that is what we have planned so far. If he was gay, he'd make a great husband, but he knows that. I am glad he's not though, cause that would just make the great thing we have more complicated. Kind of strange which friends stick and the ones that don't. He gives great hugs and is always listening. Glad he is a part of my life. Love ya, Stephen, and yeah, sometimes I do write about you here... :)

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, birds singing and all that jazz. I want to get out, drop the top and do some driving today, but I am still a bit subdued knowing I am working tonight. This scheduling me on evenings lately has really screwed with my plans and it is hard to get into the swing of work at night, especially after a full day of errands, fun and life. The place is making me a bit weary at times. Such is the life in the service industry. We sell happy and dreams, for a price.

Guess I am kind of rambling now, trying to kick start my brain into gear. Spring is finally here and the sunshine does put a smile on my face, even though I am still a bit bleary eyed. Need to hop in the shower and scrape this scruff off of my face. Kind of strange to not shave for two days. Other things on my mind. I smell like a man, kind of a musk. Must have dreamed some strange stuff. I know I woke up horny and kind of disgruntled. Stupid hormones and pheromones. Such is life as a male.

Think I might head into the coffee shop and get in a few laps around the lake. Maybe fly my kite and tune out for a few hours before work. Still need to get a hold of the admins at college and make some final decisions for this Fall. Ever just not feel motivated? I think it is the inner dog in all men that kind of makes me happy and dumb on days like this. The word 'loll' comes to mind.

Still reflecting on the camping trip, spending time lately with my friend James and getting by with the simple things in life. Not too much of note to record here but I need to get back into the swing of writing. It seems to clear my head and keep me focused. No worries. One day at a time.

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  1. Wonderful to have a gay-friendly straight guy to confide in.(are you sure he is a skirt-chasing straight guy?) Spring is slow getting here but it is nice for mountain biking on my freeride bike. Gotta get out into nature to feel human. Yeah, the simple things in life are much easier on the head (and free!). bfn - Wayne :)