Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gay Parents: What do you think?

I watched this video last night and also posted it on my FB page. It is worth the watch. I have friends that have gay parents as well as some that are gay parents themselves. Very moving...


  1. Well, since you asked what your audience thinks...and I'm included...I think it's unwise to deprive a child deliberately of either a mother or a father. We (that is, you and I) don't treat sexual partners (hopefully) as if the gender doesn't matter. Therefore, it makes very little sense for us to potentially to say to a child, "Since I prefer a man, you don't get a mother."

    Obviously, a parent dying is a tragedy...or someone going to jail...or leaving the family behind. But those things are not ideal and just because some children would do better not to have an abusive mother, for example, doesn't mean we should tell other children that they don't have a mom (or dad) just because we are selfish.

    (Yep...I said it. I stir the pot.)

  2. A child not having a parent of a certain gender means nothing as long as the parents that he/she does have do a proper and moral job of bringing up their children. Lots of heterosexual fathers and mothers do a horrible job of raising their children (check the prison population in the USA), and saying homosexual parents cannot raise children properly reeks of hypocrisy (and Jesus loathed hypocrisy). If anyone tries to destroy the happiness of a family with homosexual parents then that person should have their ass sued all the way to the Supreme Court. I firmly believe in the separation of church and state in these matters. - Wayne

  3. When that note was passed to the actress, I cried. I have never cried in any movie or media which is supposed to evoke those kinds of feelings. Good t see this country is moving in a positive direction :)