Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new Adventure

Last evening I went to bed with that little boy feeling that Christmas was coming! I set my alarm clock in my bedroom carefully. Then, after considering the storms we have been having lately, set the alarm on my cell phone as well, in order to ensure I woke up on time if there was a power outage of some sort. Then I got my coffee maker prepared and set the alarm and start timer on it. There is no way I was going to miss the start of this day! My clothes, I carefully laid out and then laid down to sleep.

Needless to say, my excitement woke me up an hour and a half before any of my alarms went off! But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let me back up a bit...

I had returned from my trip the Eureka Springs refreshed, relaxed and happy. The vacation was a huge success and I had an amazing time carving up the mountain roads, eating at fantastic restaurants, making new friends, hanging out with old ones and wandering all the beautiful art shops during the day and catching the best live music at night. There were some amazing escapades along the way and stories I will keep with me for a long time. Ran into a few snags along the way, namely a friend (Seth) from my last summer at the lake, but all in all, a great trip.

The first few days of settling back in, I hung out with my buddies, spent some time with my parents and started wondering what to do with the rest of my year. The only things really on the calendar were Thanksgiving and Christmas which left a lot of free time. I jacked around a bit, planning a few trips and kicking the idea of more traveling around but hadn't given too much thought to what I might do.

So yesterday,  I get a phone call from Casey, who used to be my busboy when I worked at the Stadium Club. He had ended up in AZ playing baseball for the University and was back in town catching up with the guys. We talked a bit, laughed over some of the past and basically picked up where we had left off. I confessed the mad crush I had on him and Heath my other busser and he cracked up and let me know they had certainly been aware of it. At least they had the common sense to not tease me too bad but they certainly had fun making me uncomfortable at times.

Anyway...once he found out my life was pretty free, I guess he called his Dad who has always been up on the restaurant scene and hospitality industry around the country. Back in the day, he was the General Manager for the restaurant group that we all worked for. Long story short, Bill, his Dad, gives me a ring and asks me what I am planning on doing right now. I filled him in on my current dreams of going to culinary school and where I hoped that would eventually take me.

Turns out, he is now the GM of the Marriot Hotels here in the city and offered me an internship with his Executive Chef! A couple hours later, dodging the tornadoes of course, two interviews and some great conversations, his head Chef agreed to take me on as an apprentice and teach me over the summer, letting me work in all of their different venues and concepts as his protege! OMG...for real?

I am going to get to do what I have a passion for, be trained by an amazing Chef, work all over the city AND get paid for it all! I don't even know what to think! I am SO EXCITED! :)

So there you have it. I have a new adventure for this summer. I am so thankful to old friends and new friends but especially to God who certainly pulled this all together for me. Even when I am a total fuck stick and make a mess of things, He still loves me and gives me good things as His kid. Grateful. I do not deserve this at all, especially after the past two weeks or so. Man, pretty amazing!

So it is time. I am going to get myself around some breakfast and coffee, take a bracing shower, slip into my new slacks, white coat and clogs (yes, I went out and bought some Chef's all about the shoes) and head out to see what this is really all about. I hope you are all well and safe and that today brings a huge smile to your face and peace to your heart. Wish me luck. Ciao!


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  1. Like I said, it sounds like you are good at what you do, and an apprenticeship with the Chef at a major hotel is a great opportunity. It might be best though to keep sexual pursuits away from the workplace to avoid complications which can interfere with your career. And have no illusions; it will take some hard work and dedication to be successful. Good luck! - Wayne :)