Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ex-gay people make no sense to me

I posted this video on my Facebook wall this morning and have now been having a discussion with a couple of my friends about LGBT issues. One, in particular, who identifies as Christian and "ex-gay", really takes exception and offense to the idea that LGBT people should be granted any of the same rights and liberties that the heterosexual people in this country enjoys. That kind of baffles me. Here we have someone who lived as a gay guy for the majority of his life but now, due to his rigid faith system, feels that others like himself (or his former self) should be discriminated against, all in the name of faith, or religion, or God. How do you go about loving someone with hate and marginalization?

People are entitled and free to believe as their own conscience dictates but when they start enforcing their belief systems through legislation and repression, I feel that they have crossed a moral line that invalidates everything they profess to be true. Those who are the most outspoken opponents of gay civil rights seem to feel as they have some mandate from God to force others who do not view reality in that light to adhere to their rules and defined systems of morality.

To hear these very sentiments from another gay guy (let's face it, there is no such thing as ex-gay) kind of saddened me. I find more love and acceptance from my str8 friends than those that I should have more in common with. Ex-gay seems to be a synonym with self hate, homophobia and internalized loathing...all in the name of God, ersumshit.

Odd that. Ya think?

For those who might be reading this and be experiencing a person like that in your life, a friend, maybe your parents, a work situation or something that brings pain to an area that should be happy and full of peace, this song is for you. You are loved. Never, ever forget that.

It does get better.

I promise.

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  1. Hi Daemon, I'm a retired homosexual guy (in good shape for my age thank you) and I ran across this post. I remember George in the old Star Trek series and it is nice to see him put this a-hole in his place (I remember hearing about it in the news). I get so tired of the religious self-righteous bigots who equate homosexuality with immorality when quite the opposite is true. What is immoral is laying a guilt trip on people who make consensual affectionate love with each other (your right as a human being!) Homosexuals have been victimized by organized religion for too long and it is nauseating. Their view is that it is ok to be homosexual but you can't act on it; spoken like a true heterosexual!
    -Let's face it; a person's sexuality is determined by the sexual urge not emotional attraction, something that is hard-wired into the brain after puberty. The term 'ex-gay' has me ROTFL; it brings new meaning to the phrase 'self denial'. As for fundamentalist Christians, they should remember that Jesus had nothing to say about a person's sexuality and He disliked hypocrisy. Anti-homosexual passages from the Old Testament were written by people thousands of years ago from a tribal and parochial perspective with little or no knowledge of science. People rarely lived past 40 and homosexuality was not conducive to reproduction at a time when the population of the world was less than a billion. This is the year 2011 and we know our insignificant place in he universe. I think fundamentalist religious dogma robs people of their freedom of thought and rational thinking. Separation of church and state is the most important concept we have in civilization today. Yeah the term ex-gay really makes me gag and is insulting to the gay people. Sounds just as crazy as ex-heterosexual. I'm in eastern Canada btw. - Wayne :)