Sunday, May 15, 2011

Road Trip: Brain Fried: Heart Full

I just walked in the door from driving across the entire state, non-stop, after about only two hours of sleep last night. Well worth the lost hours for the conversation and advice found with new friends! Shout out to David, Kyle and Shannon. Sorry I was so beat when I left. The morning sapped me of any remaining brain function I had.

Thank you all so much for sharing space, time and words with me. Never underestimate the impact of a listening ear.

I have to fall into bed now and sleep a bit but will be back later to post up about my impromptu trip and the great people I met and spent time with. Off to bed with me now.

Tip: Continue to improvise at life. It is amazing what can happen! When did I forget that?

1 comment:

  1. 'Improvise at life' is a good way of putting it. We tend to get into a rut occasionally. - Wayne :)