Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bits of my mind

I slept in a bit this morning. Stepped outside to find water spots all over my freshly waxed car. Took care of that problem and set about getting ready for a day off work. Having fun sometimes takes a bit of planning. Cancelled my date on Wednesday night at Osteria Il Centro in favor of dinner with my guys (in big trouble though he says I am not) and decided to get cleaned up and go play at the park. Today will be some Frisbee and kite flying, I think. Dinner at Stephen's tonight with Lucas and Matt. All in all, a rather simple day.

Met everyone at the Foundry last night for a few finely crafted microbrews and conversation. Ran into Andy from Wales and talked to him and met his room mate. They were having "make up beers". A rather funny concept, but understandable. Hung there, noshing on pizza and enjoying for once being a part of a large group. Decided to take Lucas up to 303 and show him the place. It is a French Bistro and Bar that some friends of mine own. (ie gay bar) Sat talking there about God and what he is doing in my life will sipping some water and tipping Andrew for his time. Derrick was shooting daggers at us the whole time. Not sure what that was about. introduced him to a few friends and wandered on. So strange to bring my church friends into my world and show them where I come from. Pretty cool of them to join me as well.

Might need to shave, it feels like, but on the other hand, not sure if it is all that important. Of course, I know I will. Old habits die hard. James took off for the lake last night with Omar and the gang. I can tell he is uber pissed at me though trying hard not to show it. I don't want to hurt him but I also have to be honest about the questions and concerns I am facing in life right now. Relationships only work when those in them are communicating about the details. He is upset about dinner but knows I will make it up to him. He will blow off some steam at the lake and get to know some of my friends better. I hope they take care of him well and let him relax and be himself. The sun and water will do him some good, as well as the slower pace down on the Ozarks. God, I miss him already.

Just throwing words up here because I know I need to. That salad isn't going to eat itself but lately I am not sure where my appetite has gone. Lost 20 pounds over the last couple months and didn't really know it till my pants started slipping off my hips. Weird, that? I don't know if I am worried, anxious, in love or all of the above.

Guess it is time to get the show on the road. Going to be a good day. I can feel it. Ciao! :)


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  1. If you are a gay guy and you lost 20lbs over a few months well I'd say that is good! Make sure it is fat and not muscle though. Me I'm a daily shaver and a 3-day growth just looks scuzzy. Young guys should be clean shaven cos they will have plenty of years to look old lol. Nice to see guys out in the real world having some fun; too much screen time these days rots the body and soul. Maybe have a talk with James? - Wayne :)