Sunday, June 26, 2011

This was a good day.

Just returned home from a long evening drive under a clear sky and beautiful moon. The top was down, the night was cool, the music and tunes soothed me and it was amazing to simply drive my city and enjoy my own company and thoughts.

Today was a good day. Work this morning and we were completely slammed during breakfast hours. I had the kitchen full with six other guys helping me and we turned out some seriously good grub for the hungry people in the hotel. After morning service was over, I headed down the main kitchens to start in all the final prep for the two wedding receptions. Somewhere over the canapes I was assembling and steaks I was grilling, I began to nod off with a huge knife in my hand and my Exec Chef finally told me to call it day. I rolled on home happy and fell into bed for a great nap.

Woke up feeling amazing, though a bit bleary, about four hours later and realized a friend was in town. We figured out where to meet up and hung out, had some coffee and just talked and processed life. He has a lot on his plate, at the moment, but is hanging in there and making good decisions. Was good to see him again. You know who ya are. :)

Having a little snack now and looking forward to having a great Sunday. I will open up the kitchens in the morning and then hope to be able to get away in the early afternoon for church and time with Lucas and Stephen. Stephen and I hung out last night and it was quite the experience. Went to the coffee shop and played chess, where he kicked my ass soundly...again. I have yet to win a game with him over these years. Every time I think I have him beat he sneaks up and murders me. Headed out for a night service and basically spent a lot of time listening and taking it all in. Got hit with some serious emotions and spent some time crying and talking about so many things with him. We paused for a bit and watched some fireworks and then headed home. Man...I love that guy. So glad to have great friends in my life who love me and are present to the questions and place I find myself in.

Have not talked to James much lately. Still processing through that whole situation. We definitely have feelings for each other but are at such different places in life. That comes with the age difference as well as the divergent things we believe or do not believe in. I think I will give him a yell tomorrow and see what his week looks like. He finally came back from the lake and we are talking some stuff out. Hell...I miss him. That's the simple truth, but I also want to help make the best decisions for us both. Time will tell.

I think I am just going to this up so I can catch some rest. Things are well and life is interesting. I am loving summer and all the fun things it brings. Hope you all are well and finding some peace and beauty in your life. have a fantastic Sunday and love yourself. You matter.


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  1. I too remember some satisfying days at my job and feeling good going home. Work is a blessing in disguise indeed, and you are also blessed to have good friends with whom you can confide. As for James, love is about pursuit too; ask any straight guy trying to get a girl-friend. - Wayne :)