Friday, June 17, 2011

Shutting down and Resting

So an interesting day. Different, to say the least. I decided (well, my body decided) that today would be a day of rest and relaxation. I got up early this morning, headed into work and cooked, as usual. It is something I enjoy and could practically do it in my sleep. Had a customer slip me some serious money. I thanked him and let him know it was not necessary. I think that he was delighted that someone was taking a personal interest in himself and wife each morning and taking the time to ensure that their needs and desires were met in an authentic and cheerful way. He took the time to introduce me to his family and we spent a bit of time talking over the omelette bar. It really is how strange the way that people connect and how something simple as remembering their requests and making them feel special could bring such a reward as well as time shared. Great to meet you, Mr Doughtery. It has been a pleasure serving you!

Came home this afternoon, finally was able to eat some food and took a nap. Then the phone started ringing and it seemed that everyone from my Mom and Dad, little sister and other friends needed some words with me. Questions, party plans, updates, all the things that make families tick and communities of people thrive. Was able to take care of it all from the comfort of my bed (even though they didn't know that) and then fell back asleep. Feltgoodman!

Got up this afternoon and contemplated what to do this evening and somehow managed to never leave the house. Worked in my garden some, attended to all the plants, cooked a great meal of steak, potatoes and veggies and just kind of lounged around with my feet up. Some time to myself without any input and distraction was something I sorely needed after the last few weeks of busy and new routines. Had some friends check in with me, which was nice, and just generally lived like a dog for the evening. Been watching a bit of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" which is a crazy trip in and of itself. If there is anyone I identify with in this film, it would be a bit of Jack's character and big Chief. Such misunderstood souls but also inspiring. Not sure what I think of it, but it is neat to take a look into someone else's reality, even for just a bit.

Tomorrow is work, of course, then who knows? My parents will be back in town after their vacation and I am sure there is something being planned for my Dad's birthday/their Anniversary/Father's day. That will prolly be on Sunday, so it is getting full fast. I hope to get away for church after work and then spend time with my family and friends. My Mom blew him away by buying him a new Lincoln Continental this last week. He has driven his pick up truck for the last 10 years and never did a thing for himself. Wow, was he surprised! It is so good to see them happy and still in love after 48 years.

Still not processing what is going on spiritually and with James and they seem to be heavily connected in many ways. Not going to write about that here, cause it is still all raw and strange in my heart and head. I so hope to be able to find my way in all of that. Been reading a new book that Kyle gave me and generally keeping to myself a bit. Taking friends in small doses. All the new people in my life are still a bit bewildering and somewhat of an emotional overload.

Guess I will take a shower and call it a night. Three am in the morning comes early! Hope you are all well and finding love in yourself and with others. I know I am trying. Peace,


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  1. A little downtime is nice; I remember how lazy we were as teens lol. The prime of our lives and all we wanted to do was sleep till noon and complain about taking out the garbage. Maybe the words 'balance' and 'moderation' are important in our lives; too much going on and too much excess are ultimately degrading for one's physical and mental well being. We are living in a 24hr techno-world with cave-man genes.
    -Spirituality and James; are we equating sin with homosexuality? I hope not. - Wayne