Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last night, I went to bed in a miserable mood, which for me is highly unusual. I tend to go through life either happy and content or confused and a bit low. Yesterday, for as good as it could of or should of been ended up being a total fucking disaster. Due to my poor decision making skills, of course.

It started well. Up and out the door early for work, put my time in, had a blast working with Ryon and Tyler and then headed home to take it easy. My mom called me, so I ran out to the mall where her and my Dad were shopping and tried to get some stuff taken care of with my watches at our jeweler. Long story short, two of my Swiss watches have been acting up. In the past year, I have had the entire movement replaced on one, and the crystal and seals changed out on the other. Now both are experiencing some more issues. Needless to say, for the money and effort invested, I was seriously pissed off.

The guy I deal with there normally was gone. He has taken care of my Dad, my brothers and I for years and years. Instead of Jack,  I got some dumb fancy bitch who didn't know shit about crap and started giving me flack problems when she couldn't find our accounts in her system. At one point, while trying to explain to her that both watches needed to go back to Switzerland, as they had before, she tried to inform me that the work had already been done and the watches picked up in January. At this point, with both watches in my hands, I simply told her that I was walking away and she had better have another person in the store within 15 minutes. I stomped off, was able to control my mouth and then returned a bit later. Jack was in the store, took both of my watches and shipped them out and apologized for the dumb pretty bitch. I swear to God, I was so mad at her, I wouldn't even look at her or her direction. Fuck! How can some things that are so simple be so difficult?

Okay...rant over. :)

 I took off from the mall and my intentions were to get some coffee, hang out and play some soccer at the park and then eat dinner with my buds.

Didn't happen.

Got a call to come over and shoot some pool at Michael's club and long story short, ended up getting totally trashed with my old crew. Idiots who I haven't seen for a while kept buying me shots and drinks and somehow I came home with more money than I left with, even after filling up the tank and buying some grub. Needless to say, I was disappointed with how my night went and made it even worse by going back on my word and hooking up. I tried to text a few friends to set my mind right, but I was too far gone to be making any good decisions.

As I was falling asleep, I had determined that I was going to stay mad all the next day, avoid people, turn off my phone and just sulk. When I woke up this morning, the sun was out, I felt rested and good and of course I can't stay upset at myself or the world. That is not me!

So here I am, waking up and planning another good day. Try as I might, I just feel great. Tomorrow is past and today beckons and I know it's going to be a good one! :) Going to wash the car now, drop the top and enjoy my day off! Hope you all are well and are loving summer as much as I am.


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  1. As bad days go you haven't seen anything yet! Give it another 20yrs on this planet. Have a little mercy on the sales girl, maybe you were doing a bad job explaining the situation to her. I hope too that you had a sober driver with you when you were filling the tank.
    -I miss the excitement and friends of my younger days; like George Carlin said 'Why do older people have to be so f**kin boring!', like I really give a crap about their lawns. Thank God for my Triumph triple and mountain bike. - Wayne :)(those fine Swiss watches are so lovely!)