Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiptoe through thoughts

I woke up to some great music this morning and just laid there naked ruminating over how amazing it feels to be alive. My skin fits perfect this morning and a easy smile graces my lips.

Slurping coffee after an awesome shower and hearing the birds sing me into today. Pretty good stuff, right there. Another one lays silent in sleeps embrace for the sun to waken him from his dreams.

Not a lot of time to put down words about life but things are well. Simpler I suppose?

I am finding a certain peace and balance and new things keep happening everyday. I keep being amazed but not startled. There is a difference.

Made some new friends that have listened to my story, accepted my present and challenged me about my future. They beckon me to some new places and a generous space.

Hope to make time to jot some things down later today, but suffice it to say, I am well rested, fed, watered, sheltered, clothed and content. Man's needs are rather simply met, being akin to dogs more than cats.

Life in the summer doesn't get much better.

Time to away.

I invite you to today. Take my hand...

Let's live!


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  1. Your post resonates with me cos I think we all get stressed out with just too much complication in our lives, and this new techno-age makes it worse. Perhaps most important is to look after one's health as the years go by with proper diet and exercise, and maintaining ideal weight. Life is wonderful when you feel great and look good; life sucks when chronic health problems/pain arrive because of a lifestyle of excess. Me, I try to look good for my age and have always avoided anything which can lead to addiction. I enjoy friends who are adventurous but one should know where to draw the line. Everyone should arrange their day so they can include a few hours away from screens and commotion; exercise in the great outdoors is best. - Wayne :)