Thursday, June 2, 2011

Morning Ramblings

Waking up to an alarm is so much different than merely letting my body find consciousness when it knows enough sleep has been attained. The soft music kind of calls me from my dreams and the far way places and times I travel each night while laying still in my bed. I am still not used to it. Habits are hard to break, I suppose?

Finding my way to work each morning this week has been interesting. Not that I am geographically challenged in any way but more so finding myself at this job has been exciting and also interesting. I am finally doing for pay what I have always enjoyed and I have to admit, I find it exhilarating and challenging, all at the same time.

I work with a predominantly younger crew that is hired and guided by our Executive Chef and each new day is new and exciting. Cooking in the Cafe in the mornings for all the travelers and locals is certainly a different experience than what occurs for the large events and parties that seem to be piling up for this summer and fall. It has its own pace and I find a lot of freedom in planning my menus and cooking to order what each person chooses for themselves. I guess the mornings are a peaceful and less frantic time where I get to take care of each person and group as I see fit and allow myself to interact with the customers, albeit vastly different than waiting on tables for tips. The white coat I wear, though still a newb and unschooled seems to denote that I am the expert and artist and know what I am doing.

Nothing could be further from the truth at times! :) I am just making it up as I go along...

This week is Pride in my city and so far I have been to none of the events. The weekend of course is where the huge celebrations and events happen and for some reason, I seem to have all of those days off. I have friends coming into town to attend and I am still not sure what my role is this year. I still sit on the board and work with the different organizations that help schedule and plan this huge event, but I have for the most part exempted myself from all the personal and political responsibilities that normally get thrust upon me. It is kind of nice to be able to attend this year without "working" the entire time with the different VIPS, performers and huge egos that seem to get crammed all together to pull this whole thing off.

This year the three day celebration is being held in downtown in the huge new restaurant and bar district and will have a very different flavor and scene than when held in Memorial Park. It will be interesting to say the least. I can't wait to see Liberty and his boyfriend and all the other friends and family that will gather in the Midwest for a few days of relaxation, fun, entertainment and solidarity. If you have never attended Pride in your area or have some pre-conceived idea of what is about, due to the media or religious groups, I strongly urge you to attend and simply watch, look and listen for yourself. Being among and with so many other LGBT people just like yourself is a massively affirming and positive experience. We have families and children, we come in all shapes, ages, colors and sizes with so many different stories and experiences. Most would have you believe it is merely some drunken debauchery full of sexual deviance and depravity writ large on the streets of major cities, and while that may occur in some places (as it does daily in the heterosexual communities) for the most part, Pride has always been a celebration of life and the diversity that make up our chosen families and communities. Those who so often rail against the homosexual community have never taken the time or effort to truly get to know us as humans and to meet those among us that we hold and call dear.

Talked to my Dad last night at length about my life and it was interesting to hear him ask questions and attempt to understand me a bit better, at least more so than he has in the past. He asked a lot of questions about my life as a gay young man and mused and wondered on how it came to be. He seems to believe and understand the complexities that make this occur in nature and humans and we talked about genetics and environment and all the other myriad of things that contribute to a persons identity and what bearing that has in our choices, lives and also how we view ourselves, others and God. Kind of cool to see him come around more and reach out to me, rather than simply tolerate what he does not understand. His fear as well as his acceptance and love is certainly due to the fact that he grew up with a gay brother that he has never understood. I am sure it was a pretty interesting and challenging experience then to have a gay son as well.

I know I am rambling again. Just trying to wake my brain up and get my day started. Been icing my neck down as I slurp my coffee and no, I have not got to the doctor yet. I promise to do so today after work, just like I told my Mom I would on Tuesday. Oops!

There are some interesting things I want to share eventually but time is short and my words are running out. I trust you will all have a kick ass day and consider and appreciate the unique person that you are and how your very presence contributes to the lives and happiness of those around you. Ciao!


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  1. There is only one solution for the dreaded morning alarm; go to bed earlier! Enjoying your job certainly makes it go better and I'll bet you are good at it.
    -Maybe some straight people wonder why we have Pride parades (lots of hetero parades are ok I guess; eg Mardi Gras) but I remember way back as a teen how I was made to feel about my sexuality and I still resent that very much today; I loved being homosexual and despised the thought of ever trying to 'change'. Today's Internet has exposed the joys of homosexuality for all to see, and the lies and myths that were perpetuated.
    -And your father has a gay brother; proof of the genetic component? One nice thing about being out on your own is that you can discuss sexuality rationally on YOUR terms. Me, I made the best of it but I always thought my life was severely limited, socially and career-wise, by the necessity of living in the closet for so many years. I don't want that for any young gay person growing up today. bfn - Wayne :)