Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning Two

Woke up at 6:10...headache and where are my glasses? Hmm...pill taken, glasses in my shoe? I seem to recall patches of more, but my phone tells the tale. Calls made...not so good. I guess I have the general idea?

Another long day at work. How to muddle through? Many thoughts on my mind, but still my heart is leaping? I can't seem to shake this silly, happy feeling. It's like screaming on a roller coaster, contagious and full of flexing. Ever smile so hard your face hurts? Or get caught dancing to a tune that no one else seems to hear?

Blew my nose, coughed, feel much better. Why do my toes pop so hard when I flex my legs? I can make it through this day. I chose not to let my mind rest heavily on the decisions at hand. Let's save that for later. I want to consider it all, but not at the moment.

Glad that I got my car clean and is cold outside. Need to make some coffee. Back in a flash.

Listening to music after an hour of sitting here and taking in information about the world around me. I am so blessed. What have I ever done or been to have so much? And still. it just keeps getting better. Do I take it all for granted?

Communication last night was good, though I missed the point and had to be explained to like a child and know that I still don't quite grasp the message that was being passed to me. Obtuse or maybe just familiar with another ones language and reference. What exactly did he mean by all of that? Does it scare me? Am I excited, or just merely letting myself run along with me? So confused now that I thought about it all. See what good does that do?

How far will this go? Where is my heart? Have I handed it away already? I wish I could remember...

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