Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunshine, Coffee, OCD and Lists

Woke up to beautiful sunlight streaming through trees dappling the blinds in my bedroom. It sounded as if the trees were talking to me and each other, greeting the day in anticipation. Quiet whispers about the possibility of what will be, what can be, what should be...

Okay, so maybe I was still half asleep, lazing there in the light watching patterns on the windows while my brain booted up, but I have to admit, it was nice. I finally rolled over and decided my day must start. Got rid of my morning wood, padded to the bathroom and took a leak then flipped the coffee pot on as I went by. Man, it is a beautiful day out there! Not a cloud in the sky. Everything is green and lush. Birds are singing and squirrels are scampering. The car is clean, the top is down and I am well rested and happy. What is on the agenda for today?

Came down to the den, turned on my network and caught up on a bit of news. I tend to browse top stories, my local social page, Facebook and the blogs I follow as I wake up. It kind of orients my day and keeps me up to date on what's going on in my life and friends life without all the hassle of texts, phone calls and emails. For that, I am thankful for the part that social media plays in our lives. With a couple of minutes, I know whats going on in my world and get a picture of what is up with family and friends.

So, busy day? It will be if I make it so. Already this coffee is working its magic. Okay, here are the possibilities. I need to clean the kitchen, really just put some dishes away and mop the tile. That is the cleaning chore on my life. (Yes, I have a list of things I do on different days. Cleaning the kitchen just happens to fall on Wednesday, bathrooms on Thursdays, bedrooms on Friday...) That will not take me all that long though I did break one of my rules and left clean dishes in the sink instead of putting them away before bed. Seeing them there reminds me of why I don't do that. I hate seeing dishes in the sink in the morning even if they are clean! Now clean dishes in the dishwasher, at least they are hidden from view and all lined up orderly. (Yes, my OCD is showing a bit here, get over it!)

So I will knock that out and I am thinking about doing all the yard work today since the weather is so amazing. Usually I do all of that on Thursdays, as the recycle and compost pick up is Friday mornings, but getting it done today lets me relax more tomorrow. That will be a good plan. I will wait till 9 am to start, just to let the neighbors relax a bit more and give me time to make a smoothie and finish my coffee.

After that will be a shower and a visit to the library. I have a few books and videos to return and got a call yesterday that some books I had ordered have arrived. I really am behind on my reading list, but that is self imposed. I just cannot get enough to read and the more that I read the more that I find I want to know. I have to limit my interests at times, just to stay focused. I have been devouring books since I was a kid and can't seem to stop this information addiction. :) Not a bad thing, I suppose?

I figure all of that will take me till around 1 pm if I can stay on schedule and then I am headed over to KS to speak with the management and culinary team at an Italian restaurant. I have used their facilities for the Mayflower Luncheon each Spring and they actually contacted me regarding an open position, after they heard I was otherwise wiling my time away being gainfully  It won't hurt to hear what they have to say and at least see what the position entails. This is the 3rd job offer I have received since I decided to take some time off and I find it rather ironic. When I look for something I want, it is not where to be found. When I stop what I am doing and seek nothing, it seeks me out. Is it possible that this paradigm would work with true love? Don't look, be found?

That is a place I am not ready to go to this morning. Single is treating me just fine in its novelty, predictability and simplicity at the moment. I will not wish for something but rather busy myself on becoming the person that I want to find. The possibility of more education looms on the horizon and the weeks are getting packed with scheduled activities. Who are these people who plan their lives so far in advance? I think they call them "adults" ersumshit like that. :)

So here is to today! *toasts you with my Coffee Mug* May I get most of this crap done and also have a good time while doing so. I hope your face has a smile on it and you are getting on with whatever it is that fills your time and enriches your life. Ciao!



  1. The kitchen is spotless at 9:05 am. Kicking butt and taking names! Maybe next time I should measure the amount of coffee I dump into the filter? Zoom-Zoom! :)

  2. Now that I have ate and am bouncing off the walls, time to tackle the yard. Estimated time of completion, 10:45 am. Here we go! (Yes, I am using the comment section as a documentation of my progress, a motivational tool and accountability checklist. Deal with it.)

  3. So I was a bit over zealous and optimistic about my time schedule...but the yard is done, the edging is done, the garden and flowerbeds weeded and I am twice showered(hot then cold) and cooling down in the AC with not a stitch on. It feels good just to air dry out of the water instead of toweling off. It is now 12:30 and I must turn my attention to getting ready to go meet the Culinary Team in KS and see what they have on their minds. I think I will put the top on the car, as it is creeping up into the 90's now and I'd rather not arrived a sodden and disheveled mess. Be back later!

  4. Crap...I forgot about the library! *mental note*

  5. Welp, got to KS and back. Something to ponder but I need not make a decision just right now. They are interested and need help, I am just unsure if I want to do triage at another restaurant that cannot seem to solve its own problems interally.

    Came hope to grab some lunch, possibly a short nap and then head to the library. This is turning out to be a fine day. Love that drive to KS and back. Lots of curves and the clouds look amazing! Decided to keep the top down and was glad of it. 80 mph driving + 20 mph crosswinds kept me nice and cool! :P