Thursday, June 21, 2012


I wake up each day expectant of good things. Each morning feels like Christmas. I always scamper out of doors to look at the sky. I spend time stretching out and marveling in this body that I live. People puzzle me but also fascinate me. I like the taste of strong coffee but rarely drink it hot. I enjoy reading books in public. I often laugh out loud to myself. I am not given to depression or dwell on sad thoughts.

I have a closet full of clothes but wear my favorites. I do the same with my shoes. I like to see them all stacked up in their boxes. Sometimes I cannot leave the house until I have the right pair on my feet. My arms and hands feel naked without a watch or a ring. Sometimes I wear more than one. I grew up fast but never got there. Most days I feel a child cast on stage as an adult. I wonder what people think. I think a lot.

It rained last night. The grass smells amazing. The birdbath is full but I did not do it. I never tire at looking at my cars. I have a lot to be thankful for. The details of life are intriguing. I have traveled a lot. My feet have stood in each state except for Alaska, but I have been off the coast of it. I regret to admit I could not see Russia from there.

I wonder why Faberge made eggs. A guy named Davide from the Czech Republic lived with me for a while. He was an amazing chef. His passport was green and gold. I found him in a coffee shop. He had been crying. I asked him why. He wanted to talk to his Mother, so I took him home and let him use my phone. We were friends for months until life called him to wander on. I will never forget that dinner, that shower and finding each other in the dark. He made me smile.

I like caves and mountains and forests. One should never leave the house without a pen, a knife, a lighter a bottle of water and a book. Those things serve a man well. A man carries cash. I like my legs and my arms, but my left arm is my favorite. Sometimes when I burp it sounds like a hiccup. I think I got a sunburn yesterday while driving. I need to go to the library today.

I dream big dreams. I like being a guy. I wonder what it is like to not be tall. Where do we go when we sleep? Who invented pillows? The sound of the air conditioning can be so soothing. What do trees say when they talk to themselves? I need to get out on the open water. I miss the sea. Sailing is my soul. I wonder what Joe D. wants to talk about tonight? He has told me a few things but I hardly know him. I need to call Lucas back. He kind of has shit for brains but I love him.

Shakespeare in the Park has now arrived. Should I see A Midsummer Nights Dream first or Antony and Cleopatra. People like me. I like to write on paper but hate making mistakes. They seem so messy. Maybe I will take pictures today. There is so much to explore. My back pops when I stretch. Everything seems to pop lately. My toes feel good. I do not think I am hungry.

I did get sunburned. My face skin feels taut. I wonder how my sister is? She is in Peru. She is the best human that I know. I love her. What is it like to be a Dad? I wonder how my life would be different if I could see clearly? Maybe I will play piano today. The light outside is cool and grey. I like quiet mornings.

How do you know love when you find it? How can you possibly not know that it is love? I wonder why people don't talk to those they love? Why is it so hard to communicate? Why would you tell me something that you need to tell him? I miss people. I miss specific people. They live in my head and heart. That is all for now.


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