Thursday, June 7, 2012


Stunning night for a top down drive. No music, no destination, only wind and the open road. I have got out of the habit of writing. I read others words and am inspired again. Some of the bloggers I read have a way of capturing time and space and bringing me along for the ride inside their heads. They have a knack for reaching into their own heads and sharing the thoughts we all have in one place, bringing us closer in the experience and making me feel not quite so alone in this world.

It was a good day. My life keeps becoming intentionally more simple by choice. I missed holding hands with someone today. Being solitary has its own gifts and costs. I guess I am still processing being single. Close and involved with so many but still walking alone. Cancelled and rescheduled with Lucas tonight. We were to head downtown and share face and space at 7 pm, but I could tell that my weariness was going to be longer than a 1 hour nap, so had the presence of mind to call him up and beg off. I love that guy. More on him later. Hard to explain our brotherhood. A friend in need we have been for each other many times.

Got some more sun today. Spent time reading in my hammock in the light. I can't say I was all that productive, but then my to do list is rather short as I head into the weekend. Highlight of the day was an amazing nap and great drive around the lake in the gloaming. I can live with that.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have nothing planned. If it was Saturday I would go to the Farmers Market  but it is not. Daniel invited me to go camping with the guys out at Watkins Mill Lake. I may just do that. Would have to leave by 4pm. It is possible. I guess I will make that decision when I get up tomorrow. Could be a great weekend trip. I know Greg and some other guys I know are going, but do I really want to? I will figure it out.

I think I will hit the sack. I need to find some inspiration to write about. Maybe sleep will help. I have a new coffee to try in the morning. That is something to look forward to. Good night.


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