Saturday, June 30, 2012

Plans Change

Today has been good though certainly not what it looked like on the sketched out "going to do list" in my head this morning. I went to bed early last night and woke up early and the plan of the day was as follows.

1. Meet some of my friends for breakfast and intentional conversation. This is a group of close buddies that get together frequently to catch up on life, discuss ourselves, our relationships, struggles and challenges we face as well as share good news about how we are growing as people. We are a mixed lot of str8, gay, bi, married, partnered, dating and single guys from ages of 19 to late 30's. It is always a great time and though conversations tend to run deep, it is good for me and for us all.

2. Go to my coffee shop, read my new National Geographic, drink some iced coffee, listen to music and zone out for a while.

3. Head to the City Market and shop produce and people watch with two of my friends. With our age differences, sometimes it is like they are my gay dads, but they are also part of my chosen family and dear friends and confidants. This usually devolves into watching hot guys, tasting new and interesting things and wiling away the morning till early afternoon. This has been a tradition since Spring for us and I enjoy spending time with them both. They have been together for 17 years and have welcomed me into their circle of life and I am so thankful and appreciative of their love, support and input. In short, I love them both.

4. Head to my church and meet up with my "Man Clan" of guys for our monthly guy outing. Today was to be BBQ at Oklahoma Joe's and then play some Ultimate Frisbee in one of the city parks.

5. After that I had no idea. Prolly grab a beer with a few of the guys and then head home.

Well, I left the house and on the beautiful morning drive decided I was not in the mood for breakfast and serious talk. Just didn't feel it, so I skipped out. No one is expected to be there and we all kind of come and go as we please so I knew my presence wasn't needed. I texted Ryan and let him know they wouldn't see my face today. More than likely my absence helped someone else talk about the things on their minds and my lack of talking opened that space up. At least that is how I look at it. :)

I did get to my coffee shop, read my NG magazine, listened to some new music and zoned out for a couple hours and way too much iced coffee.

During that time I realized I didn't want to see my clan, eat a heavy lunch and then go romp around in the 100 degree heat. In fact, I wanted to be alone and to relax more. So I did. I called Steve and let him know I was headed home and left the shop. Hit some traffic on the way home, but enjoyed that time listening to some Sinatra and amusing myself at the hurried and frantic reactions of the other drivers in the unusually heavy back up due to road construction. It must be hard to be so important that all of life is a rush. I got some sun, listened to tunes and drove home at a leisurely pace.

I got cooled down, took a nice shower and made myself some lunch. A crisp, fresh salad, a seared pork chop,  some rice and steamed broccoli. I settled into my dark den, put my feet up and enjoyed an movie in my underwear. Something that I haven't done on an afternoon for a long while. I then got up, read for a while, took a nap, and now here I sit writing a few words.

Plans change every day, either by our own choosing, others choices or things beyond our control. Regardless of the how or why, it is nice to know that one can be content either way. My original plans looked more exciting and fun filled, but at the end of it all, I enjoyed the time with myself more. I can live with that. :)


PS: Yes, I realize my posts are boring lately, but life is rather simple at the moment.


  1. I love spending time alone, and after socializnig - even with close friends - I need a few hours to unwined by myself. Glad you had a relaxing day :)


  2. I love how flexible you keep your schedule. I like to do the same thing. It's interesting (and occasionally frustrating) when a handful of people in my life don't understand or appreciate my need for that kind of flexibility.