Friday, June 1, 2012

What I did

I slept but then I woke up. I stretched real hard. My toes popped. I rolled over and rubbed my eyes. The light was grey. It smelled like rain. I rubbed my legs together and flipped the sheets off. Scratched my chest and took a deep breath then blew it out. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. My boner hurt. I had to pee but ignored it. The room was cool. I curled my toes and popped my back. Then I remembered who I was and what for. My tummy growled. My brain came on and I got up.

I grabbed some shorts to put them on then figured what the hell? I went to pee and then stood there. I looked at my eyes. They looked at me. Time for water. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass, filled it up and drank it down. The water splashed off my lips and down my chest. It felt good. I rubbed it in. My body yawned. I scratched my head and then I sniffed. Walked back down the hall. My dick relaxed so I went and peed. That felt good.

I came downstairs and did some laundry. Turned on my computer and flopped right down. Read some words and they made me smile. Talked to friends and then I stopped. I made some coffee. The machine was loud. It smelled real good. It tasted better. I cracked some eggs then fried potatoes. The bacon popped. I wiped it up. The toast was done. I used some butter. That was odd, I thought to myself. I never use butter, only jam. I made a plate. Sat down and ate. Then I felt better.

I grabbed some shorts and then a tee. I put them on, so they couldn't see. My naked body when I went out, out of doors. That's kind of silly, but I play along. The sky was blue, the birds were loud. I walked around and said hi to my plants. The dogs said hi. They were kind of insistent. I waved hello and said hi back. The grass was wet. The air was cool. I walked around while waking up. The world seemed fine, so back inside.

I sat down and talked to friends who weren't even here. That's pretty neat. They made me smile. I read some words. They made me mad. I told some other people. They replied. It went on and on and left me confused. I'm glad they care. Wish they understood. I wrote some words and sent them off. Checked my phone and decided to call. It was nice. I like his voice. He asked me things. I said some things, then at was over. I got naked and then got wet. Being clean makes me smile. I shaved my face. I shaved my balls. Brushed my teeth then drank more coffee. I smelled real good. I got turned on.

I watched some naked guys inside my head.  One was me. I touched myself. I thought about him. I touched myself. I thought about me. I touched myself. I touched myself a lot. My body snapped and I made noises. I felt better. I wiped all up. Now I'm awake. The day is ready. What to do?

I listened to music. I said hi to friends. I planned my day then I got dressed. Decided not to so got undressed. I did some laundry. I cleaned my room. The dishes were out so I put them away. I cleaned the garage and moved my cars. I cleaned one off and ignored another. I sat outside. I looked at the sky. I saw my neighbor so I talked to him. He listens well or maybe ignores me. They look the same but I pretend he cares. I came back home. I chopped some vegetables. Grilled the chicken and boiled the pasta. It fit in the pan so I put it in. The oven cooked. The timer beeped so then I ate. Then I was full.

I watched some movie but couldn't sit still so talked to friends and cleaned the floors. I folded clothes and talked to strangers. They listen to me because they don't know me. They say they care but we all want something. I felt better and that's the trick. I hung up some clothes and put away shoes. I looked in the mirror and thought a lot. I changed my clothes then took my shirt off. Then I worked out. My body sweat and I turned red. My arms felt good but my legs were sore. I took a shower and enjoyed the light. I thought about someone and touched myself. I kept touching myself. I touched myself till it rained on my feet. The water rinsed me all away. I toweled off hard. Didn't need to shave again. I stood there and breathed then I stretched. That felt great. My back popped. I love my body.

I went upstairs and laid down. Couldn't read, so got back up. I walked around. I stared out windows. Watered my plants that live inside. Called my Mom. She was happy. Dad was asleep. The had walked Gloucester. That sounded nice. Wish I was there. I need a hug and the ocean. Maybe later but not today.

I went outside. I came inside. I read some words. They made me think. I talked to friends and then decided. I would go. Go to the park. Go to the park and watch some movies. I put on pants and then a shirt. I pulled a sweater over my head. I fixed my hair and grinned at myself. I picked a ring and a watch. The towel fit in. The jacket fit in. The hat fit in. The snacks fit in. The water fit in. The bag was ready.

I closed the house and flipped on lights, Turned on some music and then I left. I drove my car right into the city. I like to drive. It makes me smile. My jeans felt good. It had been a while. A while since I had anything on my legs. Driving is fun. The sun came out. I parked my car and walked outside. I smiled at people. They smiled back. A dog said hi. I said hi to him. I know it was a him, cause he had a penis. Just like me. Well not just like me, but you get the idea. I bought some coffee. The usual for me. I don't even order any more. Just hand him paper and metal and he gives me coffee. I think they get the short end of the deal. I tip the guy. He always smiles. I wonder who he is, when he is not my coffee guy?

I sat down and read some words. Planned some trips and drank my coffee. The ice touched my teeth. I forgot a straw. I went outside and said hi to friends. I listened to music. I walked around. I stood and posed. They took their picture. I wonder why. I always wonder why. I went inside and got my refill. Looked at my phone. It didn't look back. People came in. They needed space. I gave them my table. They were too thankful. Must not be from here but I was grateful. I went outside. I walked around and then drove down. Down to the park.

I walked. Walked for blocks. I saw a dead chipmunk but it wasn't sad. The flowers waved. I stared back. How does one wave to flowers? I almost took a picture but then I didn't. I just kept walking. The park was green. There were guys playing rugby. I stopped and looked at them. They looked at me. They kept playing then. I knew some of them. They said I should join last year, but I forgot. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't.

I found a spot and stared at the city. The sun was pretty. I took some pictures. I drank some water. I looked at people. There were bikes. A lot of bikes. So many bikes they have valet parking for the bikes. There were almost as many bikes as people. Some of the bikes carried two people. Those people seemed in love. I walked around and watched strangers. Groups of people making sounds. Groups of people drinking beers. Groups of people eating food. Everywhere smiling. I felt a part. A part of something. Like they knew me and were being polite not to interrupt my night. I picked a spot on the grass. I laid out my towel and then laid down. I read some book. I need to finish it. Catcher in the Rye. You may have read it.

I watched the sky. I watched the clouds. I rubbed my tummy. I listened to sounds. I bounced my leg. I read some book. I drank some water. I had to pee. So I did. No, not right there. Over at the bathroom. What do you think I am? I came back and laid back down. I listened to people. They were talking. Lots of laughing. I wiggled my legs, I tapped my toes. I watched the clouds say hello. A plane flew over. The sun went down. They raised the screen. It was neat.

We watched a movie. We watched 20 movies. We went all over the world and saw so many things. I laughed really loud. I thought really hard. I smiled to myself and strangers. I rolled on the ground. I sat up. I drank water. It got darker. They said some words. I walked around. I gave my dollars to a homeless boy who asked with a sad smile. I was going to buy me some food but I had already ate twos time today. I watched him buy food and share it with his dog. His dog ate first and then he ate. His name is Shane. His dog is his only friend. His dogs name is Thor. They were hungry. It made me smile the help them out. It also made me hurt. I wish I had more dollars with me. I am glad I gave him those. I am happy Shane and Thor got to watch the movies. Everyone needs dreams and smiles.

The movies started again. There were amazing and moving. The last one made me cry. I packed right up and walked on back. I thought some then thought some more. I drove my car. I like to drive. I drove in silence. Nothing but engine, wind and thoughts. I went home.

I came inside and thought about writing. It was late. I made a snack. I thought about the films, all the pictures and sounds I had seen. I had more questions. Questions that didn't get answered. I read some words. I got naked. I turned off the lights. I looked at my phone. Said goodnight to friends and laid on down. I laid there quietly. I laid there loudly. I touched myself. I thought about him. I rolled over and cuddled my pillow. I wish it was him. I am really tired. I sniffed my nose and sprawled on out. Then I was gone.



  1. I like the short sentence structure. Have you been reading Hemingway?

  2. Nope. Just kind of was talking to myself like that last night when I came home, in my head of course, and thought I would write it out as I thought about it, sans adjectives and details. Kind of flowed in a nice way?


  3. Thank you, Max. Sometimes experiments turn out well. My writing has been getting stagnant so I am going to be changing it up as I get inspired. Finding different ways to communicate is interesting to me. Mental note: revisit Hemingway on reading list. Thanks, Jeff!


  4. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A stream of consciousness without the rubbish.
    If that's the sort of thing you produce I shall not only look in again but stay.

    Me, I'm totally different, a heterosexual old female but you and i could be soul mates, nevertheless.
    Blogtrain got me here. I shall follow and see what 's on offer.

  5. Thanks, Friko. Welcome! This was kind of a one off but I am trying to expand the way I write here in order to keep my mind sharp and my thoughts clear. Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to look around. It is a hodge-podge of all kinds of random stuff.