Friday, June 15, 2012


I am awake. Drinking coffee. Skies are clear. It better rain. I put the hard top on. Better not have wasted my time. What is today about? Thought about visiting a friend. I need to shower and shave. Slept hard. Woke up confused. Not sure about what. I am okay with that.

Feeling the need to branch out. Find some new authors. My head itches. Scratched it. Sun is coming out. Supposed to storm at noon. We will see. Maybe I will practice piano today. Or maybe work out. Some time in the park would be nice. Oh, forgot about the rain. Bugger.

What will this weekend bring? Looking forward to seeing my brother. I don't like his wife. She makes him happy. I guess. Maybe I will go to the range today. Shoot some holes in paper. That's a good exercise in concentration. No yard and garden work, at least.

Not feeling terribly inspired. I guess days like this happen. Short, choppy thoughts. Only aware of what is in front of me. Not really day dreaming. That is unusual. Maybe I am having a stroke? Prolly not. I hear those hurt. Or are at least confusing. More than likely not awake.

I read the news. It's old. I look at some pictures. They make me smile. I chatted with a friend. Odd to talk with ones fingers. It works for deaf people. I know sign language. Kyle's brothers are deaf. I miss them. I miss Charleston, too. I wonder how they are. A visit may be in order. They still live on James Island. I need the ocean.

Looked at the mail. Nothing interesting. Words and numbers on paper. Mundane details. Paper begets paper. Numbers breed numbers. Everything comes from nothing. It is rather simple. Why do people make life so hard?

Maybe I will write today. I am talking pen on paper. The kind that cramps my hand and soothes my brain. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. I'd like to hear some rain. Thunder makes me jump. The smells after a storm are always nice. I like the pungency of dirt.

My bamboo is happy. At least it hasn't complained. I'd like for my lights to turn themselves off. I am sure there is a technology for that. Would be a pain to have it installed. When ambient light reaches a certain gradient, lights off. I hate florescent illumination. Too much blue and white. Won't have it in the house. It hurts my head.

Just typing words now. Pretty content. I wonder who reads this?


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