Thursday, June 14, 2012


One does not realize how weary you may be until sleep finds us. I just woke up from a  "nap" that I took last night and found that I slept 12 hours straight! That is about 20 hours sleep in the last 48? I spent the night at a friends house on Tuesday evening and certainly got plenty of rest then. I went to bed shortly after dinner with him and his partner (after dinner with them, not went to bed with them!) and then spent Wednesday morning talking to him and enjoying the weather on the back patio, watching the dogs and taking in the sun.

Yesterday was rather uneventful but good. Had dinner with my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday and then took them and a neighbor out to get some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Certainly not a rough day of work! I guess my body just needed to pause and reset itself? I know I woke up this morning full of life and in an excellent mood! The weather is gorgeous and today will be full of yardwork, some car maintenance and washing and then enoying time at my coffee shop.

Life is becoming more simple it seems. Intentional choices of good things and less of the whirlwind that it can sometimes become if we let it. I am getting back in tune with myself and the person that I have become. Too much activity and stimuli can sometimes get me into a pace that leave little time to consider and be present. This peace I am finding is a great thing.
Not a lot on my mind this morning. I still have so much to write about and my little blog list or topics keeps growing, but I have yet to find the energy or motivation to tackle some of them. A quick looks shows me that I need to write and share my thoughts, opinion, beliefs, experiences and ideas on these things:
1. Sex. I never got around to writing any follow up on my post Sex, Sex, Sex: Part One. Time sure has a way of slipping by! I need to revisit this topic as my own views have changed a bit by time and reflection and I have left it hanging for way too long.

2. Porn. I had promised a friend (Jeff) to get to this and share my own views, but it also kind of slipped by me.

3. Faith. This one I know I will not get to for a while.

4. The Navy. That could take up a few years of posts.

5. Family. Writing about my own bio family as well as the families that we choose to make up our lives. This one will be an interesting jaunt emotionally and mentally.

The list goes on and on and I think that this coming week, I will attempt to snag each one and at least express a few thoughts and words about each one and others. Instead of rambling here and then slapping a title on it, I need to grap a concept and write. Seems easy enough, but I get so easily distracted or blank when I sit down here to share.

Summer is upon us. Warm weather, growing plants, lots of green and miles and miles of smiles driving top down and enjoying friends, family and life. Spending time in and on the water is certainly a priority as it makes me so very happy. I am just typing words now, so I guess I will shut up and go mow the yard. Well, right after I finish this amazing coffee. Wrote a letter to my sister in Peru. This weekend celebrates my Dad's birthday, Father's Day and my parents wedding anniversary. It is going to be full indeed.

Things are well. I wish I had more interesting words to say, but I will take life as it comes. Lack of conflict and drama is a fantastic thing. Both seem to evaporate the more I choose wisely how to spend my time and space. Okay, enough for now. I am well rested, good things are happening and I am happy. Hope you all are well! Make sure to get outside and play. It is good for the soul. So is sleep. Get some! :)


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