Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stonewall 6-28-1969

I am watching a special on my Public Television Station about my history. Stonewall Uprising (you can watch it online if you care to)

My insides are churning and I can't help but cry watching the faces and hearing personal testimonies of how my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters were treated in this country. I feel the same for how some of us are still treated. I hope to come back and share some of my thoughts and emotions about our past and our present.



  1. I used to shy away from recognizing the significance of Stonewall. Now I see it as an important part of history in the fight against discrimination and the fight for equality.

  2. If you're a fellow bibliophile and haven't done so yet, I recommend you also check out Brave Journeys: Profiles in Gay and Lesbian Courage, edited by David Mixner and Dennis Bailey. One of the things that I found interesting is that while I knew about the Stonewall Riots, I didn't know that there were similar cases of police intimidation and harassment throughout the country. And while the other incidents didn't result in riots, many good gay men and lesbian in other places did not exactly bend over and take whatever the police decided to dish out, either.