Monday, June 4, 2012

My day

Today was simple. I woke early after a good sleep. I got cleaned up and ate  a light breakfast. My to do list was all about the house and yard, so put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt, pulled on my old kicks and headed outside.

I started by walking the entire grounds, making note of what needed to be trimmed, weeded or worked on and made a mental list of what I would do first. I went to my garden shed and gathered the tool that I needed and got to work. First thing on the agenda was to weed and edge my planting spaces, flower beds and vegetable garden. I was just getting started when I heard my neighbor say hello and wave me down to her house.

I really don't like stopping when I am working on a project and was up to my elbows in dirt at the time, but Bernice is 98 years old and not one to be kept waiting! I love her dearly and she has adopted me as her grandson. So I brushed myself off the best that I could and hurried down the road to see what she might need.

She invited me in, as it was heating up already and merely wanted to sit and talk for a bit. She brought me some iced water and asked about how things were going. Little questions and easy answers. I really do think she just needed someone to talk to for a bit. I have made it a point to visit her several times each week now to check in on her and that has made us both very happy. She read about a restaurant that she would like to try in Westport and we made plans to go down there to eat and shop soon. She really is a gift. I love talking to her and listening. She still lives on her own and is amazing. I can't say enough good things about her. :)

So while sitting there in her living room, I started to get antsy. I was already dirty and wanted to get back to my yardwork and chores. Once I get going, its like a ticking clock in my head to get things done. I am not one to rush through things, but I do love a completed project, rather than one in process. We wrapped up our conversation and I headed back up the street to work.

Once the weeding and edging was done it was time to shape and trim my hedges, bushes, trees and landscaping. I have spent  a lot of time over the last few years planting and turning my property into one that not only I enjoy to spend time in but that also looks pleasing to myself, neighbors and friends who visit. When every section and side of the house has plantings and landscaping it can take quite a while to get everything done, even when I keep up with it on a weekly basis.

Needless to say, all of that took 5 hours, at which point the temperature was quickly climbing above 90 degrees and it was time to call it a day. I spent some time cooling down and watering my plants and garden. The tomatoes, potatoes, corn and green beans are doing great. My herbs are loving this weather and all the hostas, flowers and plants seem to be pretty happy. In the working of the ground and with plants, I really do find a settled peace within myself. Time seems to slip away and tending to all of this life appeals to something deep inside me. It makes me very happy.

Before I went inside, I walked the grounds again, looking at my work, noting the changes and satisfied with what I accomplished. It really looks sharp and makes me smile. Tomorrow will be getting the mowing in and putting the finishing touches on the yard. I will be up early again to avoid the heat but look forward to sitting down with some iced tea when it is complete.

I came inside and got cleaned up and decided to head into the city. I showered and shaved, selected a light linen shirt and shorts and decided to wear some leather flops that are comfy. I left the hardtop on the car today and cranked up the AC. It was a different drive, considering I haven't had the top up for weeks now. Once in town, I decided a beer sounded better than coffee this late in the day, so stopped by my friends bar to chat with the guys and Austin, my friend who works there. I sipped a freezing cold beer and caught up on the news from the weekend and Pride. It sounds like everyone had a really great time. I know I did.

After hanging out for a while, I came back home. Fixed myself some lunch and considered going to Brian's pool party that he invited me to. I had a swimming bag packed and had already bought some Italian sausages to take, but somewhere in the middle of planning and leaving I decided not to go. The party was from 3 pm to 3 am and I had a really good idea what it would not only be like, but also who would be there. I had ran into Brian yesterday after I came back from Pride with my friends and he gave me a big kiss, told me he loved me and invited me to his party. He was also drunk.

So I didn't go to the party. I laid down and took a nap. And then I got up and wrote this. It has been a good day.


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  1. Sounds like a highly accomplished day. Congratulations. And Bernice sounds like a dear.