Friday, June 22, 2012

What I've been doing.

Just got home from the Library. Had a late fee of $1.50. Yeah, I know. Was supposed to get there the other day. Didn't happen. Scored the new Stephen King novel. Makes up for it in my book.

Wandered the Cross Roads and took some pretty amazing pictures, mostly of flowers and buildings. Beautiful weather, if hot. Stunning clouds, clear blue skies and a nice breeze. I love walking with no where to go.

Met Lucas for coffee at Mildred's, up the walk from his loft. I had Raspberry Iced Tea. He had an Iced Toddy, some kind of intricate Sammich and a chilled Gazpacho that was a fascinating bright yellow color. Talked about ourselves, others and life. Always good to see him. He gives the greatest hugs.

Filled the car up with gas, left the top on and ran some errands at the bank, post office and grocery store. Picked up some fresh Salmon and things for a cold Mediterranean pasta salad. That will make for a great dinner. Also found a nice chilled Chardonnay I have been meaning to try. Maybe a movie and meal at home tonight. A refreshing way to avoid the heat.

Slept in a bit this morning and pottered around the house doing odds and ends. Fixed a great breakfast.  A three egg  cheese omelet, crisped hash browns and an English muffin with a tart orange marmalade.  Cut my hair, a brisk shower and most excellent shave with a new razor. Drank my morning coffee while reading the paper in the sunshine.

Last night went to the Heart of America Shakespeare festival with friends and took in a play. Midsummer Night's Dream. Packed a nice picnic for everyone and sat outside in the park during sunset and well into the night enjoying the art. Fantastic performance by the company and stunning visuals. Puck has always been my favorite but once Lysander and Demetrius lost their shirts as well, I found my attention torn between the three. Puck's gymnastics, ripped abs and energy, Lysander's tall lithe physique (with a bulge that could be seen at 90 yards and Demetrius' deep sculpted chest and muscular legs. I am nothing if not predictable. :) An incredible time with friends, food and community and free, though we did donate to the company. They are worth every penny and then some.

Now I am just eating a snack and have my feet up in my cool retreat from the Summer's heat. Can't think of a finer place to be. A little book reading and then a nap. Don't mind if I do.


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