Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here we go...

Wow...finally asleep at 4 am and now my body wakes me up at 6:30? Got to love that. Yesterday was long and interesting to say the least. Cleaned up, shaved and ready to head to church, bundled up in new jeans, well worn boots and an eight pound wool sweater. My mind is fogging.

Worked way too long and hard yesterday, but Stephen and David stopped in and brought me some coffee and prayed with me as I scampered about trying to put things in order. After work, went over to Stephen's for a late night dinner and talk. Stretched out on the polished concrete loft floor and tried to put my back and spine in some semblance of working order. I really like the new blanket he bought yesterday for his bed. He is shopping for some new furniture and will be off snow boarding today. I hope to God he doesn't break his ankle again in the half pipe!

Not sure what I think about the conversation last night, but am trying to process it all. We are both at strange, transitional places in our lives and are working on recovery to say the least. So much to build on, but so grateful to not be alone on the path. Sometimes I have no idea what he is talking about. I am trying to find a way to connect in an authentic way, that builds our friendship in the right manner and doesn't create space for anything less than God. I am thankful for him this morning. His words, presence and sharing. Oh, to be more emotionally tender and communicative. I have much I can learn from him. Soften my heart, make me tender to what I need to hear and say.

I don't think my mind and body are going to make it through this day, but I have no more time for sleep. Work, lunch, friends and then work again. So much for free time...grrr! This coffee tastes good and my eye lids are heavy, but my body feels surprisingly good for so little true rest.

Spiritually I am mute. I am not sure what is going on, but the time and space I have here will not let me digress into it. I need something today. I need some one today. Peace, please?

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