Saturday, December 26, 2009

Note to self...


I saw you today at work and I really enjoyed watching how you move around and work with people. Ever think that so many friends would swing by in the course of one day? Old friends and new friends, good friends and not so good friends. Guess someone was sending you a pretty strong hint about doing the right thing tonight....hmmm?

That was pretty cool that Petra bought you coffee this morning, but four shots of espresso and a large Red Eye...was that really necessary? Think the vitamins are helping the cold? You do seem to be feeling a little better. Don't forget to work out tonight, your arms are looking a little soft, and c'mon bench press isn't going to kill you either. Let's get that chest back up and out again!

Good idea about parking in the heated garage today. Screw the parking patrol! (please don't give me a ticket is what I really mean...) Kind of nice to come back to a clean and warm car? I know you were being obedient the other night parking outside and all, but c'mon, don't be a dumb ass next time...okay?

So ya got all cleaned up for nothing tonight. I could tell you were plotting something by the little smiles and far away looks today. How many times do I have to tell you? Nothing slips past me! Sure, you may kind of fog me out at times...but I know you. So please, give me a break with the innocent puppy dog eyes...yeah those ones! You always take that long in the shower? Right! Sure, I believe just seem a little well groomed for a night at home is all...Before you get all innocent and wounded looking...thank you for doing the right thing, or at least putting life on pause, okay? That took some strength. Don't ever forget that as sarcastic as I may get, I really do love you and want the best for you. Yeah, it sucks...but suck it up man! Get over yourself!

So you going to church in the morning? I am sure there are alot of people who miss you, and it has been awhile. I am not asking for alot here, or even for you to change anything about you, just check in and see what is going on. 11'o'clock be there if you want. Don't forget Jeff's party tomorrow, call him in the morning to find out when you should make an appearance and your family needs some time for another Christmas with your brother and his family. That is important to don't screw this one up, by getting distracted or busy or something and by something I mean shooting pool and hanging out at the club.

Somebody may call tomorrow...and I know you wanted to hang out with him tonight. It is okay to be disappointed, but it was a long day, and you are both tired. Don't rush stuff. Just relax and stop playing mind games with yourself. You think I can't hear that? Silly boy... Make a good friend...that is what you need right now.

So are we gonna watch some movies or what? I am hungry too, so you better get to cooking, just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and want to see you happy and at peace. Last night sucked you know, with the tossing and turning and stuff. How 'bout some real rest tonight, like at a normal time, and without all the dreams?

Well, I don't have alot to say, just checking in. Talk to you tomorrow and Hey! be good tonight, okay? You know what I am talking about. Stay home...stay! :) Later man,


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